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There are many Smurfy Things for you to do here.

§Fun & Games & Music§

Dance Dance Revolution MIDI Palace (music)

Game Center Crown: (games)

Smurfy Web Polls: (polls)

Mimete Smurf's Request Room

Super Awards Page!  (awards)

§Smurfy Reading§

The Life Story of Clefairy (17 pages with pictures (genre: comedy))

Sailor Smurfs' Adventures (1 page with pictures (genre: action))

Clefairy & Pokémon Profiles (informative info on Clefairy's Pokémon)

Clefairy's Mojo Jojo Rant  (genre: comedy)

Smurfy Sailor's Journals  (genre: educational)

§Smurfy Image Galleries§

Sailor Moon & Smurfs' Image Gallery (also Sailor Smurfs' Gallery)

Smurfy Sailor's Yu-Gi-Oh! Image Gallery  (Its time to duel)

Neopets Guild Picture Page (submit your pictures to me)

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Contact the Smurfmaster

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Site Updates

Journey into the Past  (You'll have to see for yourself what awaits you here)


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