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Extreme Dance Dance Revolution Trivia
Do you love playing DDR? Find out how much you do and don't know about the arcade games by taking this extreme trivia challenge.
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In DDR 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th mixes which side would you dance on if you want to have a girl for your dance partner? (I mean animated girl that is on the monitor, not your girlfriend or someother girl you met playing pool, etc..)



What kind of arrow is added in DDR Max which is not in any of the previous mixes?



Which of the following modes combination is the most difficult to do well on?
A) Mirror Hidden
B) Stealth Shuffle
C)Sudden Shuffle
D)Stealth Mirror
E) Little Mirror



On DDR 3rd Mix if you enter the right code before you press the start button you can access what mode which will give you songs equivalent difficulty of Maniac mode on other mixes? (If you don't do this mode on 3rd mix then you can't select maniac mode any other way unless of course you are doing 2nd mix songs on 3rd mix)



If you want to get a high score on DDR 3rd Mix the only way to do this is by playing the game by selecting Ranking 1, Ranking 2 or Ranking 3 from what menu?



There isn't much difference between a regular 3rd Mix and a 3rd Mix Asian besides the fact that the 3rd Mix Asian lacks at least 2 songs. Which song is one of the missing songs that the 3rd Mix Asian lacks which is on a regular 3rd Mix?
A) If You Can Say Goodbye
B) In The Heat of the Night
C) Dam Darian
D) Flashdance (What a Feeling)
E) Drop the Bomb


Which of the DDR Games has the most characters to choose from?



True False:  All of the DDR Games use the same letter grade ranking system.



Which Mix does the character that you select determine what choice of songs you get to choose from?



Which female character is in DDR 3rd Mix & DDR 4th Mix & DDR 5th Mix, and wears the most clothing of all the girls in each of these mixes?



What is the difference between high score entries in DDR Max and 5th Mix?



True False:  They sell soundtracks from the arcade DDR games which feature the songs which you can play on the actual game. However if you were to buy the soundtrack to DDR 4th Mix you might notice that not every song that you can pick on DDR 4th arcade game is on this soundtrack. To get the songs that are not on the 4th mix soundtrack which are on the 4th mix arcade game you would need to buy the soundtrack to DDR 3rd Mix and maybe also the soundtrack DDR 2nd Mix.



In DDR Max a new feature is Reverse Scroll. What does this do?



If 4 panels isn't enough to challenge you, then try a ________ player game where you will get to use all 8 panels. Or you could maybe try to find a Solo Bass with 6 panels. :-D



Between 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th mixes, what is the ONLY Basic song that is a 7 footer difficulty?



Which of the following Mixes have at least one version of the song "Paranoia"?: (please select all mixes below containing stated criteria)
A)  1.5 Mix
B)  Dancing Stage (a regular one. not Euro or Disney, etc.)
C)  2nd Mix Link Version
D)  3rd Mix (any kind of 3rd mix)
E)  4th Mix
F)  5th Mix
G)  DDR Max (6th Mix)
H)  DDR Max 2 (7th Mix)



Select all Captain Jack Songs:
A)  Captain Jack (Grandale Remix)
B)  Only You
C)  Dream a Dream
D)  In the Navy '99
E)  The 7 Jump
F)  Odoru Ponpokurin
G)  Kick the Can
H)  End of the Century
I)  My Generation
J)  In the Heat of the Night
K)  The Race
L)  Drop the Bomb
M)  Drill Instructor
N)  Temple of Love
O)  Together & Forever



3rd Mix has a special mode where 2 players share the same arrows. One player gets blue arrows and one gets red arrows. They are allowed to miss arrows coloured to the other player without penalty but must not miss their colour of arrow. What is the name of this mode?



Is the same announcer on 2nd 3rd 4th 5th and 6th mixes?



Which song does NOT have the "fight" dragon background at some point in DDR 5th mix?
A) Theme From Enter the Dragon
B) Dynamite Rave (Long Version)
C) Kick the Can
D) Burnin' The Floor
E) Matsuri Japan

So how did you do? Did you learn a lot or just reinforce what you already knew?
If all that testing tired you out why don't you sit back, relax and enjoy some nice DDR MIDI files.

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