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Cool animé/cartoon related games created by Smurfy Sailor:

Smurfy Sailor's Sailor Moon Eye Match Game
Smurfy Sailor's Smurfy Memory Match Game
Smurfy Sailor's Smurfy Faerie Slots
Smurfy Sailor's Smurfy Dance Revolution - SM Simulation Files
Smurfy Sailor's Smurf Berry Bash
Smurfy Sailor's Magical Cards
Super Dooper Easy Test!
Smurfy Sailor's Smurf Quiz
Extreme Dance Dance Revolution Trivia
Extreme Sailor Moon Trivia
Extreme Sailor Moon Trivia Set 2
The Ultimate Smurf Test
The Sequel to The Ultimate Smurf Test
Smurf Smurf Revolution
Challenging Mode Trivia: The Revenge of Smurf Smurf Revolution

Want to listen to some cool game music?

Smurfy Sailor's Dance Dance Revolution MIDI Palace

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