Smurfy Sailor's Corner of the Universe Site Updates and Geodiary

9 May 2015
Holy Cow! Nearly 3 YEARS since my last update! Sadly my old zxq domain continuously had issues and down-time to the point where I could no longer login to the server for a very long time, though my site was still up, at least for some of the time. Well, the hosting service at first was really good, but things just went downhill until finally my site would be offline for days and weeks or longer at a time, and that's just not smurfing it for me! SO.... After doing some research to find the best and most reliable free hosting service on the WWW and after much work of transferring all of my files over to the new domain, here I am now at my new Altervista site! The past few weeks I have finally been working on updating all of my pages to make sure they are all up to date and working smurfily for you! And today, I am proud to say my site is perfectly smurfy for you now! And hopefully all will stay smurfy with this new domain! But whatever the future may hold and wherever my site may move to in the future, lets stay smurfy and may the smurf be with you always! -Smurfy Sailor

8 July 2012
Well, not quite as bad this time, only 10 months since my last update... So here is the low-down... Off and on I've been doing stuff to update. Just recently the past couple weeks I have been going through all my site really thoroughly and found a lot of work that needed to be done unfortunately...
My stepmania simfiles were no longer being hosted by bemanistyle so I had to totally relink everything and find a new hosting site to store the files at for you. While I was at it, I made 2 brand new simfiles for you, they are really sweet ones to dance to I think you will enjoy them. I even bundled all 12 of my simfiles into one zip file you can download to make things easier for you. Let's see, HTML gear decided to do an EPIC fail on me and foosh adios there went all of my guestbooks and web polls... [sigh] Soooo yeah that made a LOT more work for me too, I had to find a new place where I could host the stuff, and a lot of the stuff I was able to do through Bravenet, they've been around for quite awhile so lets keep our fingers crossed and hope they will continue to be around for another 'quite awhile', eh? Let's see, I also found that a lot of the webpages and sections had bit and pieces that were badly in need of an update so all in all it's taken up a lot of time, but all that hard work has finally paid off and I hope you will enjoy and appreciate all the hard work I put into making this site extra smurfy, you'd expect nothing less from me, right? I mean afterall, my website is a reflection of who I am, ya know? I don't settle for mediocrity in my real life, and I don't settle for it in my site either. My website has been my passion, my baby for the past 12 years. I raised this website from a baby, and man has it ever grown into a big 12 year old now. Not so little anymore, hahaha. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site and all the updates I've made. And PS, if you ever find anything at my site that isn't working quite right please email me about it so I can fix it. Sure I'll eventually stumble across the problem, but I get busy and I don't have time to check every single page every single day. And also, please know your feedback is always greatly appreciated, afterall I made this website for you my friend! :-)
Speaking of feedback, I'd like to know which section of my website you like the best. Please check out my newly added web poll and vote on your favourite section. Thanks as always for visiting and smurfing my site. Please come back again soon and tell ur friends so they can enjoy it too. :-) TTFN xoxo - Smurfy

28 SEPT 2011:
Oh dear, almost 2 years since I posted an update here. Tisk tisk... I have done some work on the site in the past 2 years and I guess I forgot to update this page... I've actually been really busy with irl work and also creating an interactive iCarly/Miranda Cosgrove fan group which has boasted over 1,000 members, plus I have been really busy with countless other activities as well, so I really haven't had much time to add content to the site unfortunately. Besides from basic site maintenance I have actually added a new section a few months ago where I have linked to Stepmania Simfiles I have created. Tonight I added some new stepcaharts to existing songs and also added a couple of new songs for you to dance along to. I now have a grand total of 10 songs that you can choose to play from on Stepmania that I have personally created myself. Be sure to check them out today here: Smurfy Sailor's StepMania Simulation Files

I'd like to give you something to look forward to in the future, but as time goes by I seem to get more busy and less free time, so I really don't know what I might add in the future to be totally honest with you. It has been a great pleasure designing this website, and I hope you have enjoyed visiting the site as much as I enjoyed making it for you. This site will always be a big part of my life and when I do get time I do hope to add more if I can think of anything else to add to the site... But you know what? This site is basically a finished work, and I never thought I would see the day where I would say such a thing, but in all honesty, this site has become all that I had ever hoped that it could be and then some. I am very happy with the result of all my hard work and effort. :-)

♥ Smurfy

26 OCT 2009:
It took me a long time to look for new MIDI files for DDR Supernova but I found quite a few of them, then after that I had to get everything put together from the older mixes on Supernova also, but I think it was worth it. DDR SUPERNOVA MIDI Files section of my website is now officially open for your enjoyment. Enjoy!!! :-)

18 OCT 2009: (post 3)
Yeah, I know its a lot of posting tonight but I have a lot to say after all this time. So anyway, now that this move is done I can focus now at adding some more content to my site. I have already gotten a new Animations Comparisons Gallery added and a couple of new games added, Smurfy Sailor's Magical Cards and also Smurfy Sailor's Berry Bash Game!!! In the future I am hoping to add more sections to my DDR MIDI Palace for newer versions of DDR. I also have other ideas for other additions, but I want to keep you guessing as to what they might be. ;-)
I hope you will enjoy all the hard work I have put into this website and to keep it up and running for you. It would have been so much easier on me to just let it die out, but I just couldn't stand the thought of letting that happen, so here we are now. Enjoy!

18 OCT 2009: (post 2)
This past 6 months I have worked my ass off to get my website transferred to where it is now. This is a big deal for me seeing as though I work IRL a lot too. If I had posted in here every single time I worked on my site over the summer this page would be 10 times bigger than it is now, I am not kidding. So what I am going to do now is basically sum up the important deets of what I did these past 6 months. So anyway, I found out about 6 months ago that Geocities (the place where my website used to be hosted at) was going to be completely closing in Oct of 2009. I couldn't bare the thought of losing everything I had worked so hard on to create or to disappoint you guys. It was not an easy task the move and I had many setbacks. The first place I tried to move my website to was at 700 megs... They offered me huge data storage and transfer plus minimal advertizing. They would only let me upload 3 files at a time manually with no working ftp. I had moved half of my files over there which was a pain in the ass and then one day I sign in and 75% of my files had vanished!!! It was obvious this place was not going to work for me so I had to find another place to get hosting. I had already gotten an account with Tripod to host my MIDI files since 700 megs wouldn't allow '.mid' files so I stuck with that to host my DDR MIDI palace and all other MIDI files contained within my website. I could have gotten a bunch of Tripod accounts I suppose like how I did with Geocities many years ago. But I determined that I wanted to have all of my files to be hosted on one server so that I could change the HTML on each and every of my HTML pages so that the links would work no matter what server I uploaded the files to. Having the different parts spread over multiple accounts makes it so there is no way that I can do that. It has taken me soooooo much time to change all of my links and src over this summer its not even funny. Do you realize that Smurfy Sailor's Corner of the Universe has literally over 3000 files, and that is not counting the files hosted at Tripod for the DDR MIDI palace, nor is it counting the new additions I have added since then or the ones I am planning to add in the near future. And there is a good number of those that are HTML files that each and everyone needed to be edited. It was almost as though I was rebuilding the entire site it seemed. XP Well anyway, a good friend of mine recommended Bravenet. So I worked on setting up over there. Bravenet seemed to work a lot better for me. They had a decent amount of storage and data transfer, and I could FTP my files which was a huge relief. So I worked hard at getting stuff set up there, but unfortunately I was running out of storage space. I was getting nearly done with the move when all of a sudden I find out they are going to be changing my storage quota from 50MB of storage to only 5MB of storage!!!!
I am like what the fuck!?!?!? You've gotta be kidding me. Most of my content is revolving around my files that I have, without my files, my site totally sucks!!!! So here I am having to find ANOTHER place to move my website to. I happen to be talking to another good friend of mine and I am telling her of all my frustrations with my whole sitch, and she lets me know of Zymic web hosting (where I currently am). I have been saving the HTML work that I have been working on all along, so I don't have to redo that part, just to move the files. Thankfully Zymic has a great FTP service also. This is actually the best service that I have seen too. They have the most file storage and bandwidth of all the places I have ever seen (for free hosting services), and they don't even put adverts on my site which is really nice. It has taken me an eternity it seems to do this whole move, but as of tonight, I am completely finished with the entire move from Geocties and it only took me 6 exhausting months of labour ;dead;... So yeah, it hasn't exactly been easy to do all this, and lets not forget all the files that I had to rename and stuff too because at the different geo accounts I had some of the files had the exact same filename as filenames at other geo accounts of mine... -_-
It is such a relief to know that I am finally done with this move, and that I was able to finish before the closing of Geocities in about a week from now... :-)

18 OCT 2009: (post 1)
WOW! It seems like its been eternity since I last posted an update here. Not that I haven't updated since the last entry in here. I stopped posting in the Japan Geocities Diary back when I lost access to be able to log into Geocities Japan for some reason several years ago... I posted a few updates in my guestbook however if you want to look for those you can.

Below is from my Geodiary which was hosted at Geocities Japan where I used to post updates:

Dear Diary,
What a day it has been today.
I messed up so I am having to rewrite this because it got deleted. Well, now I have a new website hosted here at Geocities Japan and I think it looks really cool. I also got a new account at UK Geocities which I will probably work on some later. I am really excited about all the new additions to my original website which should hopefully be released before too long. I have a new site which was a very hefty job to find all the MIDIs I have for it now. I think it now has enough to be a success. As I type this it is not official for public viewing but it is about ready I think once I get the new layout to my original site.

Happy April Fools Day!!!
Happy April Fools day ya'all!!!

Please share anything exciting that happens to you today with us. :-)

I remember what Neopets did last year to celebrate April Fools Day:

I wonder why they aren't doing anything to celebrate AFD this year.

Tis also my one year anniversary of the last time I got frozen here at Neopets.

A whole year of not cheating at Neopets and adhering to their T&C to the best of my ability! :-)

It should never ever happen again either, because I have learned to not cheat and to follow the rules there. ;-)

Check out my Year 2 Neopets Experience Article to read what happened one year ago this very day.

Also be sure to read my Neopets Experience Article for my third Year at Neopets which I have just now opened up for public viewing.

Please do enjoy it and share your comments on it with me. :-)
2004ǯ04��02�� 10��56ʬ09��

Well, it took me awhile but I have finally finished with my latest addition to my corner of the universe... Introducing the DDR Ringtone Midis & icons webpage!!! Be sure to check it out at the link below. I hope ya'all enjoy it. :-)
2004ǯ03��23�� 20��07ʬ39��

Kim Possible Image Gallery Now Open!!!
I am proud and happy to announce the grand opening of my newest attraction!!!

The Kim Possible Image Gallery is now open for public viewing!

It took me an enormous amount of time to get it make it what it is today. But I feel all the time and work I put into the site was well worth it. I mean just look at the result of all that time and work. :-)

Kim Possible is one of the coolest TV shows there is. And my KP image gallery is the largest by far of all my image galleries.

I hope you will enjoy it. :-)

Here is what the new gallery has to offer you:
Screenshots from the TV show, the KP GBA Video Game, Buddy Icons, KP Voice Actors section, Fan Art, and much more!!!

So what are you waiting for? Why are you still reading this? Click here now!!!
2004ǯ02��07�� 09��25ʬ10��

Article Updated!!!
I have finally completed the updated article on the differences between cartoons and anim Please read it and I would appreciate any comments you make in the guestbook also. Also, I added a page that tells what I mean by "speckled" backgrounds in animation. I also added a couple of new pics to the compare different styles of artwork in animation page. Please check it out. Thanks.
2004ǯ01��28�� 07��53ʬ48��

Its been awhile...
Its been awhile since I last updated in here. What can I say? I have been super dooper busy in my life lately. I have a life, hehe.

Well, anyways tonight I did tons of maintenance and upkeep to improve the site that needed to be done.

I could tell you tons of stuff about whats been going on in my life these days but I am feeling too lazy to do that right now, heh.

To make this entry worthwhile I will give you some hints about the future of the site.

M'kay, 1) I plan to update an already existing article on the site.

2) In a couple months or so as announced a new Neopets Experience Article will be flowing down the pipes into your computer monitor...

And last but certainly not least, be on the lookout to a brand new major section to be added to my corner of the universe. You'll just have to wait and see what it will be. :-X (unless you are my friend, hehehe)

I don't feel like saying anymore right now. Whatever.... Toodles...
2004ǯ01��26�� 17��09ʬ13��

Smurfy New 4 U
Well, I finally got a new addition to my corner of the universe!!!

If you enjoyed the Sailor Smurfs images then you should simply just love these new Power Puff Smurf Images that I hand made from scratch!!!!!

Thats right!!!
PowerPuff Smurfs!!!!

See it to believe it for yourself!!!!

Yeah, I am keeping really busy with my life if you didn't already know that. So who knows when or even if anything else new will ever come to the site. Who knows? lol. We'll see what happens. :-)
Peace out ya'all!!!
2003ǯ10��15�� 17��30ʬ25��

I'm Finally Getting in an Update
Hey whazzup everyone? How'z your summer been? Mine has been awesome. I have done some site updating around over the summer. No new sections added lately. I don't foresee any new ones coming up anytime too soon in the future either. One big thing I changed while updating is on the rules and prizes page for the Revenge of Smurf Smurf Revolution. See the page to get in on the specifics. I think what I did was for the best allaround. You may email me your comments on it.

I played quite a bit of DDR over the summer and have done really well. A lot of AAAs and also I finally passed 10 footer songs!!! The first I passed was the 10 footer Bag while doing it on X3 (and reverse scroll) and I got an A the first time trying it. I got a B on the 10 footer Bag on Doubles while doing it on X3 (reverse). Also, I passed the 10 footer heavy song Sakura on single player without any adjusted settings other than doing it on reverse scroll!!! Kick Ass!!! :-D
2003ǯ09��08�� 12��26ʬ59��

Totally Cool New Site Addition!!!!
That's right! A totally cool new Totally Spies! Image Gallery has just been added to my website collection!!! Be sure to check it out!

Also, in Revenge of SSR, a new previously ulocked question has just been unlocked for the test having been out for 2 months! Question #84
Serioulsy, I would appreciate it if more people would participate in this competition.
I have modified the prizes and stuff so that it is more in your favour now. The maximum prizes to be won were previously at $500 cash and 10Million NP.

Now is worth over $5,000 cash and 20 MILLION NP!!!!!

How is that for motivation incentive? :-D

I am playing a lot more DDR Extreme these days and am doing very well at it. I have gotten quite a few AAA's and was oh so close to getting a AAA on the Pop4 Nonstop Track (for ranking)!!! I have also finally passed a 10-footer song. I am feeling quite proud of myself. Hope all of you are having as great a summer as I am!!! Stay cool ya'all! L8R
2003ǯ06��28�� 21��54ʬ17��

Disney's Rave MIDIs Page now open for your enjoyment
I got Dance Dance Revolution MIDIs for Disney's Rave now for you to enjoy. :-)

Too tired to think of much else to say now.

Enjoy your summer everyone and stay smurfy. ;-)
2003ǯ06��08�� 18��19ʬ40��

All Finished with Spring Cleaning!!!
Yepperoonie, Spring Cleaning at Smurfy Sailor's Corner of the Universe is now officially complete. I brought a lot of things more up to date and the site should now be much more enjoyable for all and a lot easier to navigate as well. Hope ya'alls like it.

Of course I still dance dance.... I still keep track of AAA's and other such noteworthy achievements. I am just too lazy to post them in here.
2003ǯ05��26�� 19��01ʬ01��

Extreme New Load of MIDIs just Added!!!
Check out the brand new DDR MIDI sections just added:
Solo Bass 2000 MIDIs

The day has finally arrived!
Oh yeah baby!!! :-D
2003ǯ04��28�� 17��57ʬ04��

Challenging Mode
Today is the first day I have completed a challenging mode course on DDR 7th Mix. I got well over 90% perfects on it. It was the Nearly=130 course. And of course I was in ranking. lol

To celebrate this accomplishment, I have decided to stay up as long as it takes tonight to get the new challenging mode trivia online for you to experience. Be on the lookout for it!!! See just why it took so long for me to get it ready too. You think it is hard to take these tests? Well it sure ain't easy to make em I am telling you.

Been doing maintenance & updates, etc. lately on the site too you may have noticed.
I will be too tired to post again tonight after I finish. Just look for it very very soon.

Time to get back to work now.
2003ǯ04��20�� 11��38ʬ52��

Wow! An Update has been Added!
Yes, I am finally putting an update in here. I have been updating all along but nothing extreme until now. I am still working on the new ultra hard Test which will be called "Challenging Mode Trivia AKA The Revenge of Smurf Smurf Revolution". I have decided to make this one 150 problems instead of 100 because I keep coming up with new problems for it. I recently added a new article to my Neopets Experience where I talk of my experiences over the past year. Also, today I just added some new DDR MIDIs to the collection!! Thanks to the smurfy individual who sent them in to me! See if you can tell whats new. Speaking of DDR MIDIs I hope to getting a Solo Bass 2000 section and of course DDR Extreme MIDIs up before too long too. And speaking of DDR I still DDR too. I am getting even better!! Recently I got a AAA for all three songs that I did for one credit, getting a total rank of AAA and giving me an unbeatable score in Type A ranking for 5th mix at the local arcade!!!!! Anyone know where I DDR at? Well, anyways, I have almost gotten a AAA on some 7 and 8 footer songs too. Well, I'd better get back to working on the trivia. I do still update even if I don't always mention every detail of it in here. *LOL*

Peace out ya'all!!!
2003ǯ04��06�� 10��54ʬ17��

We have a Winner!!!
Mr. Richardson is officially the first person to win one of the very difficult trivia awards from my site. (aside myself duh) He has won the Award from the Sequel to the Ultimate Smurf Test and has been awarded a bonus of $20 US cash plus my autograph in addition to the award and entry into the hall of fame!!!
Very well done Mr. Richardson and congratulations!!!

I have been updating many parts of the site and I expect more new stuff will be flowing down the pipes but I have to keep a lid on it for now. Keep your eyesw peeled though for new stuffand updates here. ^_^
2003ǯ02��18�� 13��07ʬ28��

Win Big In Competition!!!
Its been awhile since I posted in here.
Explanation=I have a life
Anyways, just because I don't post in here for awhile doesn't mean I don't still come online and update the sites. Usually I post here for MAJOR new stuff having either to do with my websites or various other parts of my life including DDR and other video games and stuff.

Whats new at the site that is major? Click here to see!!!
You can win some sweet prizes. :-D

As for DDR, I still play it. Been awhile since my last 100% flawless grade on DDR. Though I have achieved this on Guitar Freaks twice recently. Oh, and guess what, I also not only got on the high score list but in 1st place too!!!! I was amazed!!! I guess you could call me the top guitar freak at that arcade! Yes I know I am very competitive. If you don't like to read me bragging then stop reading this and click here.

2003ǯ01��17�� 16��24ʬ29��

A Whole New Look!
Smurfy Sailor's Corner of the Universe has a whole new look!

It should now be much easier to navigate to the sections you wish to enjoy.

To keep with the times I have discontinued certain links from this new index page. Not to worry, those pages are still accessible from the site map which is basically a modified version of the old index page. :-)

And in case you're wondering, yes I still DDR. :-P

I still keep record of certain accomplishments, however I don't seem to be posting much in here lately. I'm not nearly as talkative as I used to be. Isn't that explanation enough?
Less talk... More Actions...
Don't Actions speak much louder than words anyways? :-)

Well anyways, I probably have enough text in this post as it is so I am not going to include my big list of DDR achievements tonight. But if you would like to know, I have gotten some AAA's on DDRMAX2 (both single and doubles) :-)
2002ǯ12��02�� 17��43ʬ15��

Lets take DDR MIDIs to the MAX Times TWO (DDRMAX2)
I have finally gotten the new section done! DDRMAX2 MIDIS are now online for you. Click here.

There are many smurfy DDR MIDIs for you to enjoy here.

Also be sure to check out the other DDR MIDI galleries as I have added several new MIDIS to those sections as well!!!

Smurftastic!!! :-D
2002ǯ11��18�� 14��36ʬ42��

Lets take DDR MIDIs to the MAX Times TWO (DDRMAX2)
I have finally gotten the new section done! DDRMAX2 MIDIS are now online for you. Click here.

There are many smurfy DDR MIDIs for you to enjoy here.

Also be sure to check out the other DDR MIDI galleries as I have added several new MIDIS to those sections as well!!! Smurftastic!!! :-D
2002ǯ11��18�� 14��36ʬ07��

Lets take DDR MIDIs to the MAX Times TWO (DDRMAX2)
I have finally gotten the new section done! DDRMAX2 MIDIS are now online for you. Click here.

There are many smurfy MIDIs for you to enjoy here.

Also be sure to check out the oth DDR MIDI galleries as I have added several new MIDIS to those sections as well!!! Smurftastic!!! :-D
2002ǯ11��18�� 14��35ʬ25��

Today did some major updating to the site. Changed some things to keep up to date and stuff. Let me tell you a lil secret. I have a new section planned and started. I hope to have it ready for your viewing before too long. :-D
2002ǯ11��07�� 11��53ʬ11��

Goal Accomplished!
Whelp, I did it! :-D

Yesterday I finished my last character to cover the entire high score board for Time Attack: Alternative Attack on Soul Calibur 2!!!

Yippie!!! :-D
2002ǯ11��02�� 05��34ʬ16��

Wowza Wouldja Lookie At That Smurfy sailor Moon & Smurfs Gallery?
The Smurfy Sailor Moon & Smurfs' Gallery sections have undergone yet another transformation!

Same Background, and yet a new look. New layout. But that isn't even the half of it. Sections are now on seperate pages and saving the best for last would be the nearly 100 new pics i just added to the galleries!!! Oh Yeah Baby! :-D

Oh, and be on the lookout for pics that have changed. I got better pics for some of the characters and replaced the old pics with new ones for several characters. See if you can tell what is new. :-) Feel free to let me know what you think of it. I hope you enjoy it. :-)

In other news a few nights ago I did exceptionally well on The Long Version of B4U on Maniac on DDR 5th Mix. Well, lets just put it this way: Not bad for my first try as I more than passed the song.

Another game I have been playing quite a bit of is SC2. There are so many scores for me to achieve on it. I almost have the entire board for time Attack alternative Attack. I plan to have that whole board really soon. :-D

Well, more L8R
2002ǯ10��29�� 18��35ʬ01��

Smurfy Sailor On Fire!!!
Last night was almost unbelievable!!!

I went to another place that has DDR 5th Mix and the first song I play on that game I get a AAA on!!!

But that is so not even the half of what I have to brag about!!!

Ok, that first song I did was a new AAA to me on Burnin' The Floor Basic Hidden. I am so proud of myself. :-D

Ok, next AAA I got was on Never Gonna Make Basic Hidden. Next AAA was on Moonlight Shadow Basic Hidden.

Now the next AAA I am particularly proud about. This song would be Moonlight Shadow Basic. But not on Hidden mode. I did this while doing doubles!!! My first AAA ever on Doubles!!! WHOOOOO WHOOOO!!!!! YESSSS! :-D

Guess what. That still isn't everything! One More AAA to list to make a total of FIVE TRIPLE A'S IN ONE NIGHT!!!!!!!

Another new accomplishment was to get my first AAA on Never Ending Story Basic Hidden. I have wanted to get a AAA on that song along with Burnin' The Floor for some time. Many times I have been off by just 1 perfect or most of the time 5 or fewer greats. This is a big accomplishment for me, and definitely not to forget the AAA I got on Doubles. I am particularly proud of that. ^_^

A dream come true!

What will be my next accomplishments? Perhaps a AAA on DDR MAX or DDRMAX2? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
More L8R
2002ǯ10��12�� 02��45ʬ17��

Am I the perfect smurfy being?
Oh God Oh God! I finally got my first SSS on DDR 3rd Mix last Night!

I have been one away many a time on 3rd mix to getting this in the past. This time I achieved my goal. :-D I was actually kinda surprised as to which song I got it on. I was going through the basic songs, on hidden mode of course. And then it happened. I was playing Dam Darian and about midway through the song I realized that I was getting hella lot of perfects. I assumed I had probably gotten a great near the beginning however, as was the case when I thought I had gotten a AAA on DDR 7th Mix only to find out at the end that I had gotten a great at the beginning. I continued on playing Dam Darian on 3rd mix and noticed that I just kept on getting all perfects still. There is this feeling inside of me. As though somehow I am going to get all perfects or something. Even though I figure that I probably messed up at the beginning I still continue to get all perfects, even through the places I might be likely to slip up and get a great. But somehow I got all the way through the song and lo and behold. Triple S Baby! :-D WHOOOOO!
2002ǯ10��03�� 03��12ʬ42��

Yu-Gi-Oh! Gallery is Oh so much cooler now!!!
Yes, that is correct. With all the new images added and the spiffy new layout, what isn't there to love about it? Come and see for yourself what all the hype is about.:

Also, due to extremely high traffic to this page (thus exceeding my alotted bandwidth at times causing the page to be unavailable at times) I have created a mirror site as well.

If anyone would be interested in being a benefactor to host my sites at an unlimited bandwidth/unlimited file storage domain please let me know. It would be much appreciated by myself and I can imagine many other visitors to the site as well.

My most recent DDR Accomplishment is having gotten a AA on Healing Vision Maniac on 5th Mix. I am quite proud of myself. I haven't gotten any AAA's recently, however I am usually very very close to getting them when I do certain songs. Peace out. More L8R.
2002ǯ09��23�� 07��59ʬ45��

Share Your Experience
Tonight I added a new section to the Neopets Experience Page where you can submit your own Neopets experiences to share with the world.

I now have a life offline thank you. One quite different from the offline life I once had before I had this computer. For better, for worse, blah dee dah whatever. I have updated other parts of my sites but don't feel like thinking about it now. Need Sleep. *looks for Jigglypuff* ZZZZZZZZZZZ
2002ǯ09��07�� 16��19ʬ53��

2002ǯ08��26�� 07��57ʬ47��

2002ǯ08��26�� 07��56ʬ48��

Extreme DDR
I have some new DDR accomplishments to show off.

1) I just passed Moonlight Shadow on Stealth for the very first time!!!!! I am so proud of myself. ^_^

And thats not all... I passed the 007 song on stealth shuffle!!!! Now if you don't know, stealth shuffle is the most lethal/catastrophic code combination you can use on a DDR game. Why this is is that stealth mode you can't see an arrow until you've either gotten it or fucked it up and shuffle shuffles up the arrows which prevents your being able to memorize the song ahead of time. :-D

And no, that still is not all I have to list of my most current DDR accomplishments. I have just completed a new page having to do with DDR. It is called Extreme Dance Dance Revolution Trivia! I came up with some really good questions that you might find challenging. Plus you can check the answers right away too. So nice to not have to wait for test results, ne? *LOL* Well, anyways it is late and I could use some sleep so please enjoy
2002ǯ08��16�� 17��48ʬ01��

No I haven't been abducted by aliens
I know it has been a long time since I last had an update in here. Excuse me for having an offline life too. :-P

Yes I have finally done more updating to my sites.

Anyone care to tell me how long the award has been fucked up for the eye match game?

The counter is at 140 for those who have completed the eye match game and not one person has said anything to me about the award not loading correctly. I just happened to be checking things out for maintenace purposes and came across the problem.

Please, if you ever encounter any problems of any kind at any one of my websites please let me know about it so that I may QUICKLY take care of the problem instead of me noticing it months down the road. I appreciate any help you can offer me like that and am not in the least bit offended by it if you tell me of something that needs to be fixed at my sites. Although I may strive for perfection it is often very hard to obtain. I would be glad for any help to make my sites more closer to perfection as I desire. Email me, Instant Message me, sign my guestbook. I don't even mind your criticism so long as it isn't biased. (preferrably with an explanation and how I can go about fixing the problem if it isn't obvious the solution). Please, I love your compliments. I need to feel loved. Help to inspipre me. :-)

So anyways, I reuploaded the award picture for the Eye Match Game. How it got messed up like that in the first place I am not for sure but what is important is that it is working now. :-)

And thats not all... For those of you who enjoyed the 1st set of extreme Sailor Moon Trivia, you are in for a big treat. I have made a sequel to it, Set 2. :-D Enjoy!!
2002ǯ08��13�� 19��03ʬ50��

2002ǯ08��13�� 18��44ʬ59��

So Early in The Morning
Hey nice pic you got there. 2 days ago I finally got another AAA on 5th mix after almost a month of not getting any. *LOL* To bring my totals to: Grand Total of AAA's on 5th Mix: 18 Grand Total of AA's on 4th Mix: 8 Grand Total of perfect Games played: 26 I went to another arcade yesterday and played some DDR MAX. I got my first high scores for that mix too. ^^ I was able to rank for doubles in first place. I also learned something interesting about this mix. I had gotten a score that should have gotten me into ranking but it didn't let me enter my name. The only reason I can think of is that I had done one of the songs 2 times in the set of 3 songs. It must not allow you to qualify for ranking when you do any song more than one time. Why this surprised me is that on 5th mix I can do the same song 3 times in a row and it will let me enter my name if I qualify for ranking. I have yet to figure out exactly how to get on for EX lists. Since those scores seem higher I would guess that it is an extreme mode or something perhaps on heavy mode? Does anyone know exactly what is the requirements to place into EX list? I bought another DDR soundtrack today, anyone care to guess which one? It is not DDR MAX There is this one song on 4th mix I keep missing the AA perfect by just one perfect. *_* I finally got a full combo on "In the Heat of the Night" Maniac mode on 4th mix recieving an A *takes a bow* I have also been working on SSR for 3rd mix. Hopefully before too long I will have first place for ranking one (Favourite song) in SSR. ^^ Whelp more later I'm outta here. ta ta
2002ǯ07��24�� 19��11ʬ37��

New with me at Neopets
I think clicking the link will explain what has happened to me at Neopets.

I have also done some basic site maintenance including the removal of dead or unwanted links from the site.
2002ǯ07��13�� 23��44ʬ51��

Its Been Awhile Since I last put something here
Ok, I seriously got ripped off again at neopets tonight. I was playing the new maths nightmare game and spent well over 2 hours and managed a score of 3216 which would put me on the high score list to recieve a trophy for the game, of course to which they currently have no picture to it. When I finally die I click to send my score and it says that I am not logged in which is not true. I open neopets in a new window and fuck yeah I'm logged in. I ain't that fucking stupid to be logged out and send my score while logged out. Of course it won't let me try to send the score again. All that time wasted. I just wanted the damned trophy. :*-( It fucking sent my score last night. I ended up dying last night while doing the one that multiplies my score by 5 which includes all kinds of problems. Want to know why? The answer to one of the multiplication problems was 5 digits but it would only allow me to enter 4 digits before it would restart the number. That is why I did just division this time which only multiplies by 4 times score *sigh* So damned hard to get any trophies from neopets... and if i do well enough so that I would get one.... this happens.... or maybe I get a trophy like the powerpuff girls one and then have them take it away from me and stop giving my daily points for being on the list. I doubt it would do any good saying anything to the staff about this. They would probably not reply and think i was crazy or something.... *_* Although games can give you some points i sure to hell don't think that is how most become millionaires. I should have been sleeping by now. Geesh. I am a bit peeved. *cries* Or would pissed off be more fitting? I need some sleep bye
2002ǯ07��06�� 18��03ʬ57��

Neopets and DDR Updates
Neopets Update:

I spent almost 3 hours getting the score I have for the new Powerpuff Girls Mine Recon game they have at neopets. The reason I was so determined to get the score I got was so I could get the trophy for the game (which had no picture to it) I managed to get the champion trophy for the game. Less than 48 hours later my trophy which I earned is gone. I am no longer recieving the 750 or now it would be 500 neopints a day for being on the high score list where I am at now. (I did get 750NP the first 2 nights I was on the list) I think that is mean to take away someones trophy like that especially after they worked so hard to get it. I didn't give a shit that there was no picture to the trophy. The text below was self-explanatory. *sigh* I'm not the only one who feels ripped off about this. They took away the trophies from everyone who had recieved them from that game and also I noticed they did the same thing with those who had won the SweetTarts Hockey challenge trophies as well. I still love neopets but really, why they gotta be such bitches about winning trophies and giving out neopoints? And what is with the cut off of 1000NP per send on most games? I find it discouraging to continue playing when I know I'm not going to get any more neopoints for continuing to play the game after a certain point. (For Powerpuff Girls mine Recon you get twice as many neopoints as what your score is up to 1000NP.) My score is 8365 which would be 16730NP. I wish. Getting only 1000NP for that makes me feel like I got ripped off 15730NP from that score. Not to mention I had gotten 4thousand some points earlier that night prior to the high score now. It was not easy to get that far. *sigh* Damnit I had the trophy and I fucking earned it too. How depressing to have it taken away like that. I guess I'll just have to get over it and move on with my life. And yes I could beat that score that I have now and perhaps come in at the very top of the list but tell me, what is the fucking point? Surely not for the neopoints or for the trophy which I previously had won and had taken away......

Dance Dance Revolution Updated:
Grand Total of AAA's on 5th Mix: 16
Grand Total of AA's on 4th Mix: 8

Grand Total of perfect Games played: 24

I am continuing to work on my 9 footer songs. Last night I passed Japan Maniac. I am getting so I can pass the 9footer paranoia song (5th mix) almost every time. Next goal to get a AA on that amazingly hard songs :-D Hey, I amaze myself so much I might actually do it too! ;-) Really, I am so incredible *takes a bow*

****Smurfy Sailor Moon and Pokemon Guild now has new forum at Blueinle's Place!****
2002ǯ06��19�� 15��46ʬ43��

See it to believe it?
I finally passed a song on stealth all by myself. It may have been one of the easiest songs on 5th mix to do but hey i still count it. I still can bring the grade up on it for stealth. In the memorization process i recieved 2 AAA's on the song. One was just in basic plain mode and the other was basic sudden mode. The song, 007.

I also got another AAA on Moonlight Shadow basic hidden.

Since i have lost track of how many perfect games I've played I think I will look back and check my records to figure it out. *LOL*

I counted the ones that I mentioned at Blue's forum but not in here too featuring 2 additional AAAs on 5th and 1 additional on 4th Mix to make a total of:

Pink Dinosaur Basic Hidden: (the first song I ever got a AAA on)

5th Mix AAA:

4th Mix AA:

Synchronized Love Basic Hidden:
5th Mix AAA:

Never Gonna Make Basic Hidden:
5th Mix AAA:

4th Mix AA:

Moonlight Shadow Basic Hidden:
5th Mix AAA:

007 Basic:
5th Mix AAA:

007 Basic Sudden:
5th Mix AAA:

Grand Total of AAA's on 5th Mix: 14
Grand Total of AA's on 4th Mix: 5
Grand Total of perfect Games played: 19

In other news I have a new Tug-O-War Trophy in my cabinet. :-D What can I say? Get the trophies when the scores are at a big time low. I came kinda close to getting one for Pterattack but it is harder now that I can hear the T-Rex coming from behind anymore...

It may be a little while before I have entries for over 70 games like I did before they reste all the scores but hey, at least i got a trophy out of it. :-)
2002ǯ06��11�� 14��28ʬ55��

Kick Ass!
*brags* Whelp yesterday I played DDR 4th and I got 3 AA's on Never Gonna Make Basic Hidden (not in a row).

Tonight a super achievement!

3 AAA's in a row for Moonlight Shadow Basic Hidden (not back to back to back) on 5th mix

I also got 2 consecutive AAA's in a row (back to back) featuring Never Gonna Make basic hidden followed by Moonlight Shadow Basic Hidden (one of the 3 mentioned above)

I also learned something new tonight. You get a huge ass bonus if you get a AAA on the final song. For some reason you don't get the monster bonus for a AAA on the first 2 songs. It only seems to be if you do it on the final song. I slaughtered my high scores for type A single tonight with this. :-D

For the game when I had 2 AAA's in a row which happened to be the 2nd and final song I got almost 82000000 points!!! Beat That! :-D

In other news the past couple days has not been my day for getting AA on 4th or AAA on 5th for pink Dinosaur basic hidden. Am i losing my touch?



I am only getting better. ;-)

Can't get a AAA every time ya know.

I mean how many people actually can get a AAA on 5th mix of a AA on 4th mix?

It sure isn't easy to do LOL.

*stops bragging*

New at Neopets: The high score tables are now back online after having been down for awhile.

All of the high scores have been cleared for the flash games. Now you have to start getting your high scores back from the beginning.

All of them seem to use Flash 6 player now and they have a new scoring system.

It used to be that you could only recieve Neopoints for the 1st three sends in a day.

New Feature: Not only do you not get neopoints after your 3rd send in a day, but also it will not post your higher score either.

After my 3rd send today on Tug-O-War I had 579.

For my 4th send I had 584 points which would be just enough to get me into 3rd place trophy range. I clicked to send the score and it said i had reached my maximum number of posts for the day meaning not only would i not recieve neopoints for the send, but also it didn't count my score of 584. I'm not sure why they decided to change that but it kinda sucks since it took a lot to get that score.

Well i guess i should start trying to beat that score again as the Midnight hour rapidly approaches Neopia and brings in a new day to send in scores.... X_X ^_^ X_X

(sings) Clefairy Clefairy Clefairy... (stops singing) :-D

One thing I don't mind about the reseting of high scores is that now I might be able to get some more trophies since the scores be lower... :-D
2002ǯ06��06�� 15��44ʬ47��

New Trivia Page
Just added a new Extreme Sailor Moon Trivia Page. Be relieved. You can find out the answers to these questions that you might not know. However there is no award for this. I also added a new awards page and as usual conducted basic maintenance. :-P
2002ǯ05��28�� 16��08ʬ07��

Brand New Corner of the Universe!!!
That's right! I totally redid my main index page once again. I call it Smurfy Blue Version 2.0.

I think version 1.0 looked like a big blob of text links not very well organized or structured so I tried to straighten them out in an organized way by putting tables into the main page. Can't you just tell how much I enjoy using tables at my site? :-)

In other news, tonight I finished clearing the final high score place on DDR 5th mix at my local arcade. That is correct, I have every single high score on that game for all 3 types (A, B, and C) both singles and doubles!!! I feel this is quite an accomplishment. I am proud of myself. ^_^

On sunday I passed the level 9 Paranoia on Maniac Mode. Wheeeee! I still have yet to pass a song on stealth mode, though I haven't really worked on doing that too much lately....

Well, I might go play that new faerie game at neopets b4 I head on to sleep. Me very tired and also very sleepy.
2002ǯ05��21�� 15��45ʬ56��

pika pika
I did some updating today including bringing back the old guestbook. No one seemed to sign it besides myself. Last night I finished clearing the entire board on 5th mix for type B for both singles and doubles. Now for me to finish clearing the board in ranking for type C. Smurfy Sailor plans to be the ultimate ruler over 5th Mix at the local arcade. :-D
2002ǯ05��14�� 03��08ʬ30��

Happy Sad
I have some happy news and some sad news.

To get the sad news over with first my most favourite arcade closed down *breaks down into tears* :*-(

Now that i got that done with I can move on to some happy news. I was playing DDR 4th mix and I got a AA on Pink Dinosaur basic hidden which is the equivalent of a AAA on 5th mix. However I didn't do this on my first try so i suppose that end my streak of perfect games for that song.... Unless I don't factor playing the same song on a different mix.... I mean I guess I still have a 2 AAA in a row streak for it on 5th mix.... ah hell whatever. LOL

Now to work on a AAA on DDR Max!
2002ǯ05��12�� 15��22ʬ44��

DDR Accomplishments
My most recent accomplishment in DDR 5th Mix is getting a AAA in Synchronized Love on Hidden Mode. To date I have gotten a total of 5 AAA ratings on DDR 5th Mix in 3 different arcades. Tonight I finished clearing the board for type A Ranking for both single and doubles at the local arcade. :-D I have gotten a total of 4 AAA ratings on Pink Dinosaur basic hidden mode. (2 of these are in a row and this could change to 3 in a row if I get a AAA next time I do that song...) I have gotten 1 AAA Rating on Synchronized Love basic Hidden Mode of course. I almost had a AAA rating on Moonlight Shadow but I fucked up the very last step and got a great ending up with a fucking AA instead. *CURSES* I want to memorize a song totally and perform it well on stealth mode. Does anyone think it is hard to tell the difficulty of a song before you play it on DDR 6th Mix? I think that is confusing. What do people think about no high score list for 4th mix? And what about the grading scale shift for lackage of a AAA rating on this mix? More later...
2002ǯ05��09�� 16��02ʬ05��

Brand New Smurfy Sailor's Corner of the Universe
My index page has changed so much it now looks like an entirely different website! No longer time consuming pics to load for this page but now a smurfy blue background plus links to ALL of my major things to do at the sites. Also last night i redid the layout of the Sailor Moon and Smurfs Gallery. See if you can tell what is different.

To date: Smurfy Sailor's Current AAA Streak for Pink Dinosaur basic hidden is 2 in a row. I have yet to end that streak too. Total number of AAA's earned on DDR 5th equals 4. Bragging can be fun. :-)
2002ǯ05��09�� 03��38ʬ17��

The Sailor Smurfs' Pics now have their own page hosted at my Australia site. What a smurfy idea. Also I updated my Neopets Guild and also my profile at Neopets.
2002ǯ05��07�� 13��31ʬ36��

Improvements made
Yep, I made some smurfy improvements to my sites today and yesterday. In the LSOC section last night I figured out why the new link pic was broken up into pieces. I got rid of the spaces so now it should look like one big pic with a link for each page number for you to click on. Also I recently realized that the U.S. Geocities pop up ads were interfering with the game play of the Smurfy Memory Match Game. It took me hell of a long time but I managed to move the game over to my Geocities Japan account where they don't have pop up ads so now the game play should be so much better. Hey, if you want to compare, here is the old game, and here is the new one. See for yourself what is different. LOL
2002ǯ05��01�� 12��02ʬ26��

I Beat Neoquest!!! YAAAAAAY!
Yep, after countless hours I finally beat the evil wizard Jahbal in Neoquest last night! I got a cool new trophy and even am currently on the leader board for the top 50 most experience on Normal Mode!! :-D

I updated the Neoquest part of my Neopets Journal Page to include more information on Neoquest since I have beaten it now I can be able to write more about it.

What a wonderful morning too it was when I was finished cuz I had just gotten the long awaited trophy with a high score, but after I beat the game I got the super jackpot on the Neopets Fruit Machine!!! Over 36000NP plus 3 faeries and a pants on fire brush and my pets abilities and level went up too!!! It was very exciting! Wins like that are quite rare on fruit machine.

In other news I also have added many new pictures to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Image Gallery (mostly duel monsters cards pic). I also fixed the screwyness of the links on the pages second to the main index page. (the 4 pages you choose from the main index page of my site) I probably did other stuff too but am too tired to really think about it now. I need some zzzzzzzzzs big time. Nighty Night.
With love,
2002ǯ04��29�� 17��40ʬ14��

Even More New!!!
Yes, I have gotten a lot more done on my sites! I did a lot of updating on many of my pages. The old information page was getting out of date I think so I totally redid the layout on that and updated the content to have more consise information. I did some updating in the Yugi section. Also I added quite a few new pics to the Sailor Moon Gallery. I mean after all that is only the most popular page out of all of my pages at all of my sites! What should I do now? I know, I think I'll go DDR... :-D
2002ǯ04��16�� 12��22ʬ55��

Even More New
2002ǯ04��16�� 12��15ʬ18��

Yu-Gi-Oh Gallery is now on display for public viewing!
That's right! I finished getting it up and linked and the pics uploaded etc. Since my data transfer seems to be to an amount that geocities closes my site regularly I transferred the sailor smurfs pics to a new account to hopefully reduce the occurances of them closing my site. Oh when will anipike accept new links? I should go now. bai bai
2002ǯ04��15�� 09��02ʬ21��

Coming Soon.....
Whelp I have been doing a lot of work on the new Yu-Gi-Oh Image Gallery and it is coming along very nicely. Hopefully it will be online for public viewing in the next day or 2. :-D

Tonight I finally got a Triple A (AAA) on Dance Dance Revolution 5th mix!!!!
I have been trying for quite some time to accomplish this and finally tonight I made it happen!!! :-D
The song I was dancing to to get this grade was Pink Dinosaur Basic on Hidden mode!
To get a AAA on 5th mix you have to get 100% Perfects and nothing less. I know this cuz several times I have gotten 99% Perfects and 1% great on songs only having gotten 1 great with the rest perfects and that was still only a double A. Perhaps for my next goal I should try to pass a song on stealth mode.... O_O X_X O_O

I should get to sleep now. Sweet dreams my diary. :-P
2002ǯ04��14�� 16��49ʬ56��

Coming Soon.....
Whelp I have been doing a lot of work on the new Yu-Gi-Oh Image Gallery and it is coming along very nicely. Hopefully it will be online for public viewing in the next day or 2. :-D

Tonight I finally got a Triple A (AAA) on Dance Dance Revolution 5th mix!!!!
I have been trying for quite some time to accomplish this and finally tonight I made it happen!!! :-D
The song I was dancing to to get this grade was Pink Dinosaur Basic on Hidden mode!
To get a AAA on 5th mix you have to get 100% Perfects and nothing less. I know this cuz several times I have gotten 99% Perfects and 1% great on songs only having gotten 1 great with the rest perfects and that was still only a double A. Perhaps for my next goal I should try to pass a song on stealth mode.... O_O X_X O_O

I should get to sleep now. Sweet dreams my diary. :-P
2002ǯ04��14�� 16��45ʬ27��

New Award!!!!
Yes, a new award to go with the new Super Dee Dooper Easy Test I made tonight! Since the extremely hard tests might be a bit hard I decided to make a really easy one so people can feel good about themselves for getting the award since they might not be up for the hard ones. Also I fixed up a lot of the ads so they look a whole lot better. Some of them are still a little bit screwy looking but they look a whole lot better than last night. Time for me to go now. Nighty nighty.
2002ǯ04��12�� 14��00ʬ31��

Yes, now I have advertisements for my websites! All of them I personally made except for the neopets one that I currently have up. I think they look wonderful for the most part. Some of them however didn't turn out quite as I thought they would. A lot of them got messed up either in converting from bmp to gif format or somehow got fucked up when I saved the finished version through the gif animator. Well, I did the best I could and don't hold me responsible if the programs on my computer screw up my pics so they don't look the way I intend for them to look. A lot of the coloured text got messed up. The one about advertising opportunities available had many colours of text but somehow it got fucked into being all pink!!! Even the yellow smiley face turned pink. *sigh* Oh well, just make the best of things I guess. Also new is the page links in The Life Story of Clefairy section. No longer huge ass text links to the other pages but now a picture broken into pieces to link to each of the pages in this section. All of this ad and clefairy section stuff took a huge amount of time to get done. Oh, I might have forgotten to mention earlier that I recently added a conversation I had with my friend regarding grep and why I am blacklisted to the final page in the Life Story of Clefairy. Damn, I need to get outta here and get some exercise!! Bai Bai for now.
2002ǯ04��09�� 13��52ʬ30��

Tonight I turned the list of polls page into a poll all to itself. (A poll which is a link to all of the other polls at my sites)
2002ǯ04��04�� 13��41ʬ59��

Forgot to mention....
I was so tired last night that I forgot to mention that I also have a new email account because just about all of my others were shit. Extremely unreliable in sending and also in recieving emails. I strongly suggest you never get an email account through the following companies: and also

So anyhoo I had to change the email address on my webpages once again. Hopefully this is something I will not need to do again. my new email address is:

One other thing I forgot to mention was how I removed the recipient list for the handy smurf award. This award is now obsolete. However those recipients who have recieved it may keep the award on their site.
2002ǯ04��04�� 06��14ʬ21��

Change is in the Air
Yes, that's right, change is in the air. Once again change has taken place at Smurfy Sailor's Corner of the Universe. Today I did tons of editing of links. I updated the main links page. Not only did I update the Award link list page, I totally redid the layout of it and now it has tables and it looks totally awesome!!! I also redid the layout of the description of awards page so it looks oh so much nicer now. I also did tons of editing on the Smurfy Site Award description page. I could go on and say what else is new in my life but I really aught to be getting to sleep now. bai bai
2002ǯ04��03�� 18��04ʬ13��

Dear Diary,
As always I am leading an exciting life. Today I did some site editing. Also I purchased a fire sceptre today for 70000 neopoints at neopets to add to my faerie collection shop. I am trying for as complete a collection of faerie merchandise as possible. I think I have been doing a good job of doing this. My next purchase goal is to buy a faerie paint brush which sells for over 100000neopoints!!! This could take me some time to aquire that many neopoints......
2002ǯ03��22�� 12��09ʬ36��

Another New Game Addition to My Sites!!!
Whew! It took me hell of a long time, but a finally finished with my latest game for my sites called Smurfy Sailor's Smurfy Memory Match Game! This game also features an award for completion of the game. I think it looks awesome. I also did some other updating tonight. I best head off to dreamland now. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
2002ǯ03��13�� 18��33ʬ42��

More! More! New New!
I have done more updating to my sites! Now there are two new awards you can win from me! One is from the eye match game and the other is from the faerie slots game. I also added some new sections including Smurfy Sailor's Journals including new topics such as Sex, Gender, & Stereotypes; also Race.....; and a neopets info page. I also did some other updating. I have plans in store for ANOTHER new game for my sites! :-D I just seem to keep coming up with new things to add on..... :-) Well, I best be off to beddy dreamy land...... L8R
2002ǯ03��12�� 16��41ʬ53��

I finally finished the new eye match game with well over 300 pages in use just for that game alone!!!!!! Whelp I finally finished this long project I have been working on. The final product is now online after much work on it. There is so much new around Smurfy Sailor's Corner of the Universe it is almost unbelievable. Go and see for yourself. I updated almost every single page to my sites recently. I am exhausted and I'd best get to sleep now.... X_X love- Smurfy/Cleffy
2002ǯ02��25�� 20��33ʬ22��

Dear Diary,
I have been working on lots of new additions for my websites. I have just now finished the 4 new polls. :-)
I still have much to do before my site is up and running the way I'd like for it to be. Well, I'd best get back at it. L8R
2002ǯ02��22�� 11��17ʬ10��

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