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question number show question is from question
1 Inuyasha What is the name of Inuyasha's Sword? What is the significance of "4 souls"? There is an episode where Shippo is eating candy, what candy does is he eating?
2 Lupin III Who is the inspecter who is always trying to outsmart Lupin?
3 Yu Yu Hakusho Why does Yusuke die in episode 1?
4 .Hack//Sign True/False: This show features characters who must fight off viruses to protect Mainframe.
5 Mission Hill Who does Andy live with?
a) His parents b) His Grandparents C) The kids at the orphanage D) The Kids Next Door E) His teacher F) His Brother G) His best friend H) None of the above- He is a bum who lives on the street and sleeps on park benches with old newspapers. ; Also name the high school that Kevin is a student at.
6 Codename: Kids Next Door Who is the only member of the team born in America? (include name and numbah) This person has a younger brother, name this brother for 1/4 life point (XCR)
7 Hamtaro Which Ham Hams are twins?
8 Ed, Edd, n Eddy Name all three Kankers. :-)
9 Sheep in the Big City What is the name of Private Public's Dad?
10 Fat Albert Bill Cosby played which of the following characters in the show?: (choose all correct answers)
A) Fat Albert B) Mushmouth C) Mudfoot D) Jerry Springer E) Bill F) Dumb Donald G) Russell H) Bucky I) Levar Burton J) Weird Harold K) Rudy L) Patrick M) Devery N) The Brown Hornet O) Stinger P) Ranger Smith Q) Legal Eagle R) Old MacDonald
11 Mucha Lucha True/False: The mask is very important to the lucha wrestlers.
12 Galidor Name Nick bluetooth's best friend.
13 Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? Does Robot Jones ever get embarrassed? Explain why or why not and provide examples if applicable.
14 Tokyo Pig What power does Spencer have that kids can only dream about having? (1/4th of 1 point extra credit for naming the Tokyo Pig)
15 Totally Spies! Who is the school foe who tries to wreak havoc on the heroines lives constantly? (1/4th of 1 point extra credit for naming all three of the spies AND matching them to the colour of spy outfit they wear. (red green yellow))
16 Underdog Riddle: What asks no questions but gets many answers?
17 Sailor Moon How exactly does Darien become orphaned as a child? (You must be VERY specific to get credit on this)
18 Dragon Ball Z What tragic EVENT causes the cute fat Majin Buu to transform into the pure evil skinny Majin Buu?
19 Nadesico Who is the scared pilot who is hired to become the ships cook on the Nadesico?
20 Home Movies Name 2 Gay brothers who want to get married one day.
21 The Mummy Who discovers an ancient bracelet while on a dig in Egypt?
22 ____ of the Yukon What French explorer was accidentally frozen without his pants?
23 Digimon Who does Kerpymon fear who now has the powers of the spirits? 1/4th of 1 point extra credit for telling me where I got this question from? (The TV show is not the answer I am looking for. You will either know where I got it from or not know where I got it from simple as that.)
24 Jimmy Neutron Who is Jimmy's arch Nemesis?
25 Reign: The Conquerer Without King Phillip, the people of Athens have nothing to fear of what place? And who is the new ruler of this place?
26 Beyblade Each game piece involves 5 key parts. Name the 5 parts.
27 Powerpuff Girls Name the Powerpuff Girl Squirrel
28 Gigantor Where is Gigantor's home base?
29 Courage the Cowardly Dog What is Muriel's secret ingredient that she uses in her recipies?
30 The Brak Show What robot has an award winning garden? ; And Who enjoys pissing this robot off?
31 Smurfs' Adventures Get all the questions correct on the Smurf Quiz to get credit for this.
32 Wonder Twins Who is the twins pet monkey?
33 The Oblongs What do Chip and Biff do to give each other privacy? Also name Bob Oblong's boss and the company that he works for.
34 As Told By Ginger Who transforms into "Wolf Boy" with the help of a teacher's toupé? And who has a picture of him on their bedroom dresser?
35 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Who transforms into He-Man? How exactly does he do it? (be specific)
36 Hey Arnold What is Curly's real name?
37 Sealab 2021 What pod does Captain Murphy hate and despise?
38 D'Myna Leagues What shifty losers screw up the game? Who is responsible for putting them in the game in the first place?
39 Serial Experiments Lain What does the symbol for the wired resemble in the real world?
40 Jungle Guu What is the name of the odd laughing kid?
41 The Critic Where does Jay Sherman live? (city); And what is the name of his TV show?
42 Undergrads What kind of computer does Nitz have? (be specific) Also, who is tree guy?
43 Dilbert When Dilbert loses his "nack" and ends up causing the world to convert into a Renaissance period, who is the jestor? What does Dilbert's liscence plate say on it?
44 Mike, Lu, & Og Name the National Bird of the Island
45 Transformers Armada What do they lose to the decepticons that lowers their morale and causes them to lose all the time now?
46 Ultimate Book of Spells Name the professor who takes books and absorbs their content and actually thinks that the contents of the books actually happened to him personally.
47 Grim & Evil What are Billy's 5 "C's" of Friendship? (name them in order or lose half credit)
48 Detention Name Twin geniuses and the school that they attend.
49 The Wild Thornberrys Who are the Thornberry's visiting when they are shocked to discover that Debbie can click-talk?
50-59 Games Section!!!!! These next 10 questions are from various animé related games. 50-57 relate to arcade animé games and 58-59 relate to animé trading card games
50 Dance Dance Revolution 5th Mix What anime theme song is featured in this dance game mix? Hell yeah I can put games on this test. These games are animated and if you don't like these questions then give up already. :-)
51 Dance Dance Revolution 6th Mix (DDRMAX) Tell me what you have to do to qualify for the "EX" ranking high score list on this mix. (be specific)
52 Dance Dance Revolution 7th Mix (DDRMAX2) What songs are 10 footers on Heavy Mode? And which of these can be attained in an extra stage? The song is placed on special options, name them. You must answer everything in a problem (unless specified as extra credit) or get no credit. No partial credit and this is not an extra credit problem either.
53 Dance Dance Revolution 8th Mix (DDREXTREME) True/False: Doing a song on challenge difficulty is always the hardest difficulty level for doing a song.; What options are not available for doing double player that are available for single player?; If you get a AAA on DDR Extreme, what special line does the announcer say most of the time to congratulate you on getting a AAA?
54 Dance Dance Revolution 8th Mix (DDREXTREME) Ok, I'll go a little easier on you for this one. :-) for the song "Graduation", who's graduation is the song for?
55 Soul Calibur II Name all modes of gameplay options you can play the game in. (don't forget secondary menu choices)
56 Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Name all 13 stages that have runestones.... Muwahahahaha
57 ULTRA HARD QUESTION Name at least 1 arcade that Smurfy Sailor Dance Dances at. :-D (I'll tell you the answer to this one for free if you get everything else on this test correct)
58 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters Trading Card Game Name a card that starts with the letter "r" that destroys all your opponents monsters on the field. (Now how did such an easy question get on such a hard test? (xcr= +1/100th of one point for answering this stupid question)) Also, name the last magician duel monster that Yugi summons before defeating Pegasus before he is titled King of Games.
59 Pokémon Trading Card Game Name 10 water pokémon that are evolved pokémon.
60 Beast Machines Who is the leader of the Predacons? And what are the Vehicular Transformers called in which this leader has enslaved the planet with?
61 Justice League Who said dat?: "Every time I have to throw a punch in the name of peace, I felt as if I'd failed."
62 ??????????? Twins who starred in the show "Full House" now have an animated TV show entitled ______________________.
63 Dai Guard Dai Guard was created for the purpose of destroying what? How had it become known as a "cereal box robot"?
64 Dexter's Laboratory What is the name of Dexter's school?
65 Rurouni Kenshin What is Kenshin's real name? How did Kenshin get the scar on his face?
66 The Fairly OddParents Who is obsessed with perfect teeth? This person has a son. Name the son
67 Girl Stuff Boy Stuff Name the 6 main characters of this show.
68 Fushigi Yûgi why does Tamahome want money?
69 South Park What is Stan's full mailing address?
70 Gravitation What is the name of Ryuichi's bunny rabbit?
71 The Proud Family Who is the brauns behind Oscar being successful at wrestling? What does Oscar Proud do for a living? Name the famous basketball player who has ultimate riches and owns many stores, restaurant chains, ice cream parlours, and has a big influence on people with his tremendous riches. True/False: The Grove Sisters are the most revered students at school.
72 Digi Charat What does the main female character say very frequently? Also, who is the main female character?
73 Lilo & Stitch: The Series Is Aunt Pleakley a girl or a guy?; What is Stitch's favourite kind of music to listen to?; Who does Captain Gantu work for?; Who is Lilo's best friend?; How many different alien experiments are there to date?
74 Cow & Chicken How much does Cow weigh? (be exact) Why does the Red Guy have no pants?
75 Baby Blues Who is Bizzy's Boyfriend? Also, where did Karl & Melinda hook up?
76 Inuyasha Who is Inuyasha's Brother? Why do humans and demons want the jewel so badly?
77 Moville Mysteries Who has a guardian angel hula girl? Describe the angel's boyfriend.
*NEWEST UNLOCK* 78 Total Drama Island How much money does the winning camper win? Chris McLean sure sounds a lot like quite a lot of other voices we have seen in animation. Name at least 5 other roles this Canadian voice artist has played and the name of the shows. Also name the most painful thing a camper had to endure in the show.
*NEWEST UNLOCK* 79 Polly Pocket Yes, there actually is a cartoon show for this, not just dolls, lol. But you my expert friend already knew that I assume. So name for me all of the cartoon Polly Pocket episodes and the format and place each one was originally released (do not give me links to episodes someone uploaded to youtube). Like if a limited edition doll came with a dvd with an episode is how it was first released then name the episode and what doll it came with, etc. Feel free to list the movies of the cartoon too such as 'Pollyworld', lol. If you'd really like to go all out ur welcome to list every single character that has ever appeared in the cartoon show, but I'm not that mean to make it a requirement, though I suppose I could add a little extra credit to reward ur extra effort, lol. Heck, you wanna go all out and tell me 10 words to describe each and every character on top of that and we'll make it a full 1% of extra credit for you.
80-81 LOCKED ?????????????????????
82 6 Teen Who gets fired from a different job each episode? Who is a genius at knowing the right video for people to rent from his store? What does Nikki love the most about working at the Khaki Barn? What phone number does Caitlin give to boys she doesn't want to have calling her? Who is the master prankster in the video tape that Jude finds? What extra ingredient might you find in your taco at Wonder Taco if Julie doesn't like you?
83 The Brak Show Who is Brak's Brother? Also, why did he leave the family?
84 Kim Possible True/False: Smarty Mart and Club Banana are owned by the same company. True/false: Pants from Smarty Mart are identical to the pants that Club Banana sells. If false, please tell me what makes them different. Who is Kim's best friend? And what is the name of the naked mole rat?
85 Pokémon Who is Team Rocket's Boss? (1/4 of 1 point extra credit for naming the names of Misty's 3 sisters)
86 Animaniacs Name a doctor (not a nurse) that makes you think of a sticker.
87 Dave the Barbarian Name 3 of "The Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy's" aliases.; On Dave's test to be a barbarian, he passes the test because of what ability he has? And why did he win because of this?; Is Fang a boy, girl, or a monkey? What is Fang's favourite thing in the world?; Where did Uncle Oswich learn to do magic and does his Smurf hat make him a Smurf?; How did Faffy become an enchanted sword?; Who did Lula belong to before she was in Dave's posession?; Who did mom and dad leave in charge of the kingdom of Udragoth while they are away?
88 Hell Girl/Jigoku Shoujo How are people able to summon Hell Girl to get revenge upon those who have wronged them? How much does Hell Girl charge someone to ferry someone to hell? If after the deed is done, someone decides they made a mistake in sending the person to hell, will the person they sent to hell be able to come back from hell and will the person be entitled to a refund? What made Ai Enma decide to become the hell girl? Also, who gets visions of who hell girl will be seeing next and how is she able to see these visions when no one else is able to?
89-90 LOCKED Are they as hard as the ones already unlocked? Are they even harder?
91 Totally Spies! What is the name of the boss of the girls, AND what orginization is he the head of, AND where does he work secretly on the weekends? Yes, this is 3 questions in one. You don't like it then too bad, try easier level. :-)
92 Medabots Name a dragon type medabot, a pirate type medabot, and a mole type medabot.
93 Rugrats How long is the pilot episode of this show? What is the title of it? This episode featured all of the Rugrats Characters that appeared in "Tommy's First Birthday" except for who?
94 The Oblongs Who is Milo's Sister? What does Mayor Johnny Bledsoe where on his head?
95 Spongebob Squarepants Name Mr. Krabs Daughter. Also, name Spongebob's Boating Teacher
96 Sheep in the Big City This show would not be the same if __________ didn't close the show out. ; What kind of Scientist does the General Specific have working for him?
97 Care Bears Name at least 10 of the care bears and tell me what colour each of them is, along with what they have on their belly. (1/4 of 1point extra credit for naming at least 20 of the care bears including their colour and what is on their belly)
98 Rocket Power Name the First Episode that shows the kids in school. (1/4 of 1point extra credit for naming the Vice Principal at their school.
99 Codename: The Kids Next Door Who was born in France? (name and numbah)
*100* Mission Hill *special* Answer this problem set correctly to recieve (regular credit plus) an extra (bonus) point of credit, get any question in the set wrong and you will not get ANY credit for this problem, remember, ALL questions in a problem must be correct for credit.
What movie was Gus Gunch in in 1958? Who directed it?
Where did Kevin and Andy live prior to Mission Hill? Also what exit would you get off at from the expressway?
Name the dog.
What is Andy's First Beer? (which also happens to be Kevin's first beer too)
What are Kevin's S.A.T. scores? (for math, verbal, and total score)
101 Braceface Why does Sharon break up with Alden? Who becomes Alden's new girlfriend?
102 Spawn How is Al Simmons killed? What is the significance of Chapel?
103 Hey Joel How many times does the average person get mugged in New York according to Kevin? Who has guest starred on '3 Minutes with Joel Stein' the most number of times? What company takes over Joel's show with advertising? How many of the characters in Hey Joel are Jewish (name any/all that apply)?
104-105 LOCKED Where are all of the Disney Cartoon questions?
106 Winnie the Pooh Who is Pooh Bear's best friend?; What is the name of the bird that Rabbit befriends?; What is the name of the forest?; What is Tigger's favourite food?; When Rabbit thinks it is Groundhog's Day, who does he make into a groundhog?
107 Toonami Which does TOM stand for? Who designed Sara? Tom created the Clyde 50 which is what?
108 Woody Woodpecker Name Woody's Nephew and Niece. Also be sure to include the names of their pet rocks.
109 Stressed Eric Specifically tell me what stresses out Eric. (minimum of 10 different things and the people that are associated with these stresses)
110 The Koala Brothers What do the Koala Brothers do in their spare time?; Who was the first to write George a letter? Who is George?
111 Sons of Butcher Where do the SOB's find a new cash register for their butcher shop? What inspires Saul, Ricky, and Doug to run their own butcher shop? Name 5 different songs that are performed by the Sons of Butcher and the name of the episode where the song is unique to.
112-113 LOCKED Shows from around the world. But how will you know the answers if you haven't seen the show?
114 Rolie Polie Olie What planet is Olie from? What kind of music does Rolie's mom enjoy? What does Rolie's father do for a living? What is Zowie's favourite toy?
115 The Zeta Project What was Zeta designed for? And what is the significance of "polka dots"?
116 Santo Bugito Where did Donald the Dragonfly escape from? And what is the significance of Roachmuller?
117 Duckman Why does Bernice hate Duckman? Who helps Duckman at the office on a regualar basis? Also, a fight between Duckman and Bernice causes the nation to seperate in half between the sexes. Which part of the country goes to the females and which half goes to the males? And what are the reasons for each half?
118 Centurions What year does the show take place in? What criminal doesn't think presently? Are Doc Terror and Hacker more machine than man, or more man than machine?
119 Help! Its the Hair Bear Bunch Who perfectly understands Bubie? What is the significance of Dr. Kilbear and Dr. Quackstein? How many times has Square Bear lost his partially invisible liscence?
120 Family Guy Who is Peter's employer? And what happend to this employer when he is at Griffin's house?
121 What's New Scooby Doo? What does Freddy no longer wear?
122 ????????? "It sounds like moon and you use it at the table" (8 letters in show title)
123 Scooby Doo What is Shaggy's real name and how old is he and what does he keep in the back pocket of his baggy pants??
124 Code Lyoko The first time Aelita is brought into the real world, what happened to her that almost killed her when they tried to shut down Lyoko?(be specific); Who does Sissy want to date? And who does the person Sissy wants to date want to date?; How does Aelita stop Xana from taking over the real world?; Why does the gang not simply destroy Xana by destroying Lyoko?; Who is the prettiest girl in school?; Who snuck a dog onto school property?; What is the name of the coach who constantly thinks the gang is up to no good? Does he ever help the gang out?; Wow, what a hella lotta questions in this problem, same with the recently added problem #87. 5 percentages added to your score for getting this problem correct in addition to problem #87, think of it as super extra credit bonus for all of your effort. :-) You however must answer every question 100% correctly in BOTH problems to recieve ANY credit at all for THIS problem...
125 Yu-Gi-Oh! Name the three Egyptian God Cards Malik wants to possess so that he can rule the world. Of course he wants all the millenium items too. Also, what is the reason that Maximillion Pegasus tries to take over Kaibacorp, takes peoples souls, and wanting milleninium items?
126 Make Way For Noddy What kind of car does Noddy have that he likes to talk to? (specific); What does his car say back to him?; What gives Clockwork Mouse Energy?
127-132 LOCKED Why so many locked in a row? Is this some kind of a conspiracy?
133 Grape Ape What police orginization does Grape Ape work for? And where do Beagle & grape have their secret phones?
134 The Simpsons When Bart appears for the 1st time on Krusty's show, what is his line? Also, when Homer kisses Hans Moleman on the forehead, what does it remind him of kissing? You had better know the brand of beer that Homer drinks at Moe's Tavern. (-1/2 one one point from total score for not knowing Homer's Beer)
135 Disney's The House of Mouse What band are Huey, Dewey, and Louie in?; How does Goofy turn into Super Goof?; Who is Daisy Duck's best friend?
136 The Weekenders After going psychotic after not getting elected the best at anything for the yearbook, what title does Tino finally get elected for the yearbook? The Most _________
Why does Tino keep buying cheese fries for Carver?
On the day of the school athletic competitions, Tino finds that the event he usually competes in is canceled. What event was cancelled and what new competition does he eventually decide to compete in? What is wrong with the way that he practiced for the competition for the new athletic event?
137 P B & J Otter Who is the youngest child of the otter family?; Where do Peanut, Jelly, and Baby Butter live?
138 Poh What kind of animal is Monty, Kacchan's friend?
139 Recess What school is the setting of Recess?; Who is the stalker/snitch/Ms. Finster's pet? Who is a math genius? Who is Principal Prickley's Brother?
140 Stanley What toy does Stanley have hanging from the ceiling of his room?; Who sings a song about the Great Big Book of Everything? What kind of fish is Dennis?
141 LOCKED Did you know that over 5/6 of this test is already unlocked? Take care of those problems, and then you can worry about these. ;-)
142 Dora the Explorer What item does Dora find in a cave not far from her home? Also, who lives in the cave?; Dora speaks in Spanish. What other language does she speak?
143 Aahhh! Real Monsters! What monster can juggle his 2 eyeballs? What is the significance of "Womble"?
144 Gary & Mike Where did Gary Newton graduate from high school? What city is this school in?
145 Brandy & Mr. Whiskers How did Brandy & Mr. Whiskers meet each other?; How did they end up in the jungle together? What kind of large animal did Mr. Whiskers fall in love with?; What word best describes Brandy? What does Brandy sleep on at night in the jungle?
146 Trigun What reason(s) does Legato have for touching (and licking) his left arm and hand frequently?
147 Bob the Builder I'll bet you are glad for a true/false question. True/False: Bob the Builder always wears his seatbelt. Sorry, but there is more. No free rides, huh. In episode 7 of the first season, please tell me what role Julio Cardavera has is the Construction World.
148 Power Rangers In Countdown to Destruction, Zordon's energy wave purged the universe of evil. So why, in later series, are there evil beings? Also name all of the seasons of this show.
149 LOCKED The next to last question... scary?
150 LOCKED Is the hardest question being saved to be unlocked last?

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Questions may be changed if they are no longer correct questions to ask or if I find an error regarding the question (including the wording of a question). Other than that, the unlocked questions are as is permenantly.

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