Smurfy Sailor's
Extreme Sailor Moon Trivia
Set 2

So you've mastered the 1st set of Extreme Sailor Moon Trivia Questions Have you?
Well Lets Just See How Much about Sailor Moon you have yet to learn. :-)

Type your answer in the box below the question and then click to see if you are correct.
Smurfy Luck  :-)


What does the Amazon Trio do in their final episode that is significant?



Zirconia has a shadowed face that is not of his own. Whose face does this represent?



The ___________ search for Pegasus by looking in the dream mirrors of those who have beautiful dreams while the ___________ search for the Golden Mirror of Elysion (also in the quest to locate Pegasus)
A) Witches 5; Bureau of Bad Behaviour
B) Galaxy Trio; Sailor Starlights
C) Amazoness Quartet; Amazon Trio
D) Amazon Trio; Amazoness Quartet
E) Amazoness Quartet; Bureau of Bad Behaviour



What is the ultimate force of destruction summoned by Mistress 9 to restore the deadly silence? After Sailor Saturn, the Sailor Scout of Destruction destroys this entity she is reborn as a baby with the help of Sailor Moon. I had a deadly powerful Lenny at Neopets with this name before my account got frozen.



The Amazons Headquarters lies within a circus tent which appeared in Crystal Tokyo just after an eclipse. What is the name of the circus?



Who falls in love with the music of a composer with the initials T.N. whose music she found on the personal computer network? The music by this composer moves her soul so much that she is inspired to write lyrics to this music.



In the Sailor Moon R Movie, what does Darien do which inspires Fiore to eventually bring back a Kesemiam Blossom?



The Doom Tree was once known as __________ before the dark forces prevailed, feeding the tree evil energy to make it so weak.



Who does Rini admire most?



Who has prooved his love and loyalty to Molly time and time again? He would do anything for the girl of his dreams (Molly) and even dress up similar to Tuxedo Mask and divert an intruder and camp out on her doorstep all night to protect her from evil forces.



What Nega-Villain has big eyes for Sailor Moon? He wants her to be his even if she doesn't really love him and would do whatever he can to get her to be his.



True False:  Ann Granger loves Lita's cooking just as much as Alan Granger does.



What song concludes the show in the Japanese version?



What song opens the show in the Japanese version?



How many Sailor Starlights are there?



Which of these is Darien's alter ego? (you may choose more than one)
A)  Tuxedo Mask
B)  King of the Moon
C)  Prince Darien
D)  Moonlight Knight
E)  Tuxedo Kamen
F)  All of the Above
G)  None of the Above
H)  Zirconia



Which of the following are actual happenings involving outer senshi?  (select all correct answers)
A)  Pick a fight with Sailor Moon for leader
B)  Holders of the 3 items needed to create the purity chalice
C)  Convince Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon that Hotaru is not evil and should not be destroyed
D)  Feel they must proove themselves worthy as Sailor Scouts to Sailor Moon for fear of not being accepted as being planet power
E)  Extrordinary talents in music and the arts
F)  Have their own agenda to tend to which is not the same mission as the other Sailor Scouts.
G)  Cocky and view themselves as being out of the league of the inner senshi
H)  Put their powers together to create a new Sailor Scout of the Sun.



What does Zirconia think of the Amazoness Quartet?



Finish the phrase: "Don't dream that you're all grown up...___________________________"



Why don't the big dreams of the child grow up along with the child as they become an adult?
A) Loss of Interest
B) Adults have more Sophisticated Dreams to Pursue
C) They are too busy trying to make the dream become a reality
D) They realize that their big dream is impossible to accomplish and abandon it
E) They no longer have the capability to possess dreams

This now concludes the trivia.  If you did well then congratulations!  pat yourself on the back
If you didn't do well then watch more Sailor Moon.