Race & Ethnicity.....
by Smurfy Sailor


Race & Ethnicity are not the same thing!

All humans belong to one race, it is called the human race.
Ethnicity has to do with your "ethnic group".
That I believe refers to where you originated from.

Isn't it self explanatory?  The human race.  How more simple could it be?

It is true, all people look different in some way or another.  Some people look more differently than others.  What difference does that make?  It is true that not all people have the same colour of skin.  So what?  That is certainly not the only way that people can appear different on the outside. People can have a wide variety in colour of hair and eyes as well. So people have different colour of eyes, skin, hair. The fact is that they are still human beings. Other animals come in different colours of eyes, hair, and skin colour too but does that make them of another race? Must you place everything into a catergory?  It is true that humans seem to like to place things into catergories.  There are catergories of plants, animals, and fungi.  These catergories are further broken down into subcatergories.

In the animal catergory would include humans, (yes believe it or not humans are animals) cats, dogs, reptiles, insects, bugs, etc.

In the plant catergory would include trees, flowers, grass, bushes, etc.

In the fungi catergory would include such things as mushrooms, etc.

From these you can further break down the catergory as in from the subcatergory "trees" into another  subcatergory including peach trees, evergreens, orange trees, maple trees, apple trees, etc.

These sub sub catergories can be broken down into new subcatergories and can keep being broken down until you get down to the very last detail that makes it unique from every other variety of the group.....

Everything has something that makes it unique, including human beings.  It is the differences that make such a diverse world and that is a good thing I think.

Should we value any one life form over another, regardless of whatever makes them different from you?  I think not.

Do human beings have more a right to live than cows?  Why should they?

We are all a part of the circle of life....

Each individual takes on an entity be it animal, plant, fungi, or anything else.

It is not a bad thing to notice differences between entities.  It is a bad thing to stereotype/segregate/discriminate-against  someone/something based on the catergory you place them in.