Sex, Gender, and Stereotypes
by Smurfy Sailor

There is big difference between Sex and Gender:

Sex is whether you are a male or a female (boy or girl).

Gender is stereotypes associated with ones sex.  (Feminine/Masculine)

Feminine is what is associated as characteristics of a female (stereotypes)

Masculine is what is associated as characteristics of a male (stereotypes)

A lot of stereotypes have to do with femininity and masculinity
What people would associate with being either masculine or feminine
masculine and feminine have to do with gender

According to these stereotypes there are 4 catergories to place someone in: masculine male, masculine female, feminine Females, Feminine Male (see table below)
And it all has to do with stereotypes
gender is basically totally based on stereotypes

Sex(below) Gender -> Masculine Feminine
Male Masculine Male Feminine Male
Female Masculine Female Feminine Female


Some people  like to call gender as though it is your sex.  (Do not confuse gender and sex for being the same thing for they are not)  (Are grapes and raisins the same thing?  There is difference)

are you stereotyping me?
do you know what a stereotype is?
A steroetype is when people assume things about a person because of their sex or other characteristics.  (example: girls like pink and boys like blue)
Other example of sterotypes:
All Black people like rap music
Jewish People don't like ham.
Terrorists come from Afghanastan.
All Girls play with dolls
All Boys like Cars and Tools

Stereotypes associate Girls as being cute, loving, sweet, butterflies, bow ties/ribbons in hair, long hair, skirts, pink, and understanding.  Although some girls may fit into this steroetype, I can assure you that not all girls are like that and some are just the opposite of this stereotype.

Stereotypes associate Boys as being mischievous, carefree, dirty, mean, insincere, cruel, Snakes, blue jeans, short hair, blue, and stupid.
Although some boys may fit into this stereotype, I can assure you that not all boys are like that and many are just the opposite of this stereotype.  In fact I know that a lot of girls can fit into this masculine stereotype.  Girls can be at least as bad as boys and likewise Boys can be at least as sweet as girls if not more so.  :-P

I like pink & I am a boy....that does not fit the stereotype
I asked a girl: "Do you like blue?"
They replied: "yes... it's not my fave colour..but it's a kute shade."
I replied: "but you are a girl shouldn't your favourite colour be pink?"
Do you see what I am saying?

I don't care much for stereotypes because stereotypes are fucking stupid.

something to think about....