Smurfy Sailor's Smurf Berry Bash
***This game was personally created by Smurfy Sailor.***

Story: A magical curse cast by Gargamel is causing a precious Smurfberry to not stop rolling. You must keep the Smurfberry from going past the Smurf Paddles at all costs, as Azrael will eat it if you lose control of the Smurfberry. This will certainly not be an easy task. Best of luck to you. If you can get one of your fellow Smurfs to help you with one of the paddles, this will be slightly less of a challenge. It will take Papa Smurf approximately 60 seconds to finish casting the spell to restore the Smurfberry to its normal state. If you can last for that long you will truly be a Smurfy Hero amongst all your fellow Smurfs!

If you are all alone you will need to take control of both Smurf Paddles as listed below, if you have a smurfy friend, 1 of you will take 1 control and the other will take the 2nd Paddle.

Smurf 1 controls:
Q = move paddle up
A = move paddle down

Smurf 2 controls:
up arrow = move paddle up
down arrow = move paddle down

Be careful, Gargamel's evil magic is strong. The longer you can keep the Smurfberry away from Azrael, the faster the game will get...
Last for 60 seconds or longer and you are a true legendary hero!!!
Good luck.

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