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About Me:
Hi I am neosmurfay, AKA Smurfy Sailor, and I am into lots of things I'd need to write a short book to really get into details about everything, but most importantly I enjoy having fun. :-) I also enjoy watching science fiction, fantasy, mystery and horror thriller tv shows and movies (and reading books too!). If you haven't already seen it, I have a really cool website with games I made myself, image galleries, music, stories, and lots of other fun stuff. If you want to check it out, please visit: Smurfy Sailor's Corner of the Universe

Music is awesome!!!
I love a lot of different music from all over the world. Especially I love to listen to Disney, Kids/Teen Pop, Rock, Dance, Trance, Symphonic Metal & Eurobeat music.

Some of my favourite singers/groups include:
5Angels (now Pink Angels), Delain, Kidz Bop Kids, Brooklyn Roebuck, Sabrina Carpenter, The Birthday Massacre, Victoria Duffield, Victoria Justice, Lolita London, Disney Artists, etc. There are MANY others I enjoy too, but I seem to listen to these artists a bit more often than the others I could list. 8-)

Here are some of my Favourite TV Shows:
My favourite TV shows generally are among Disney shows, Cartoons, Animé, Comedy Shows, & Sci-Fi genres. I also really enjoy educational programming, especially what they used to have on the old Discovery Kids Network from back in the day...

Favourite Disney shows/Comedies/Sit Coms (non-animated): Girl Meets World, Dog With a Blog, K.C. Undercover, Shake It Up, Phil of the Future, iCarly, Victorious, Lizzie McGuire, Married with Children, Corner Gas, Even Stevens, Fries with That, Prank Patrol, Unfabulous. It would probably take all day for me to think of all the shows that I enjoy so I am only listing my top faves...

Cartoons: Kim Possible, Dave the Barbarian, Smurfs, Powerpuff Girls, Undergrads, South Park, My Life Me, Baby Blues, Dilbert, Daria, The Tofus, & Sons of Butcher.
There are so many more that I enjoy, I could list them all, but it could take me all day to do that. :sweat:

Animé: Sailor Moon, Shugo Chara, Card Captor Sakura, Pokémon (until they got rid of Misty), Magical Girl Pretty Sammy, Monster, Hell Girl, Cowboy Bebop, Pretty Cure, Wedding Peach, Tokyo Mew Mew, & other animé w/super cute animé girls. ^_^

Sci-Fi/Misc: Star Trek: TNG, Dark Oracle, 7th Heaven, Degrassi: TNG, The Outer Limits, The Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, Psi Factor, and other really scary shows with a good plot.

Favourite Games:
Dance Dance Revolution, StepMania, and other Dance simulation games such as Pump It Up, In The Groove, Dance Maniax, Para Para Paradise, etc. Also enjoy Bemani music games such as Beatmania & Pop'n Music, Also enjoy Pinball.

Online Games (I never seem to have time to play any more): Maple Story & Allods

RPG games: Zelda, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Gauntlet, I'll add more later.

Smurfy Statistics:

Formerly known as (many years ago): Clefairy

Offline Identity: (Not Telling)

Other names known by offline: (Wouldn't you like to know...) :-P

Sex: Male

Gender: I can easily fit into either catergory of the two stereotypes. :-P

Age: 35 years of age (2017)

Favorite thing to say: Have a smurfy day and/or night. :-)

Favorite life philosophy: Hakuna Matata!

I am a professional dance dancer. (DDR-Dance Dance Revolution)
I am a big-time legend at the local arcades.
I am way beyond being a pinball wizard.
I also kick serious butt at the soul line of games (including Soul Edge, Soul Calibur, and Soul Calibur 2).
I have maxed out all 8 (normal+turbo) characters on Gauntlet Legends. And I mean maxed out EVERYTHING, including accumulating 99999 in gold.
I have also maxed out all 16 characters on Gauntlet Dark Legacy. And I mean maxed out EVERYTHING, including accumulating 99999 in gold.
I also enjoy many other arcade games as well and do exceptionally well at most of them too.

I kick butt at computer games too. I have had my time in the spotlight many many times at Neopets for my high score achievements.

Still single, would love to find my perfect match if she is out there. If my perfect match does not exist, then I would like to start my family soon with little smurflings by either fostering, adopting or hiring a surrogate! ^_^

What I look for most in personality: Fun, Sense of humour, intelligent, treats people the way u want to be treated back

Most attractive physical trait of a woman: Orange hair, freckles, Dark Skin Colour, NATURAL (Such as NOT wearing makeup or other cosmetics or having fake tan or superficial cosmetic surgeries of any kind, etc.... I certainly don't mean stinky or germy when I say "Natural")

Most UNattractive physical trait of a woman: Large (particularly fake and unnatural) breasts are a big turn off for me, I prefer a flat(ter)-chested woman. Makeup: If ur really THAT hideous why don't you just put a paper bag over your head instead (to save money and the environment)? Unless maybe you are wearing all that gunk on your face hoping to join the circus as a clown perhaps? :-/

Our Reality is what we make it to be, we choose whether we are happy or not in life.

Making fantasy a reality. :-D

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite thing to watch on TV/Movies: Disney, Cartoons and other shows that I find to be fun and entertaining to my tastes.

Least Favourite Thing to Watch on TV/Movies: Sports Shows (I prefer to play rather than to watch others), I am not much of a Soap Opera Fan Either.


Favourite Cartoon: Dave the Barbarian (This show is so cool and is so funny, lol)

Favourite Animé: Sailor Moon (still after all these years, lol)

Least Favourite Cartoon: Ripping Friends (Ugggggggggghhhhhh!)

Least Favourite Animé: Super Milk Chan (This show is a pure insult! I find it highly offensive and is not only an insult to animé, but also to the cartoons they are imitating in the animé!!!)

Favourite Pinball Machine: Data East Jurassic Park

Favourite Video Game: Too hard to decide.

Most evil Pinball Machine ever played (and mastered): Bram Stoker's Dracula

Wanna know even more about me? Well send me an email and ask.

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