The Sequel to the
Ultimate Smurf Test
For added stimulation this test is significantly harder than the first test. :-)
Difficulty Level: Insane

question number show question is from question
1 Sailor Moon Rini's magical ball is in the shape of which cat?
2 Digimon Who is Jeri's Digimon?
3 Pokémon What can be made from apricorns?
4 South Park Who is Fatass?
5 Gumby What is Gumby made out of?
6 Yu-Gi-Oh How many Star Chips does Yugi need to get to gain access to Maxamillion Pegasus's castle?
7 Cowboy Bebop What problem does Faye Valentine have that gets her into a lot of debt?
8 Pokémon Which pokémon just loves taking a bite out of Meowth's tail?
9 Taz Mania When the Taz-Manian Devil travels really fast what does he do?
10 Dragon Ball Z Who is Gohan's younger brother?
11 Brak Presents the Brak Show Starring Brak What is Brak's Favourite food?
12 The Simpsons Who owns the Kwik-E-Mart? (full name please) :-D
13 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles are named after famous _________.
14 Dennis the Menace Who is Dennis's favourite neighbour?
15 Monster Rancher Unlock the secrets of the mystery ________.
16 Hello Kitty What colour is Hello Kitty's nose?
17 Sailor Moon Which senshi is the guardian of time?
18 ???????? Who is "A Real American Hero"?
19 Dragonball Who thinks that is odd that Goku has a tail?
20 Tenchi Muyo Who do the girls wish to marry?
21 Dumbo What can Dumbo do that most elephants can't?
22 Samurai Jack Who must Samurai Jack go up against so that he may return to his own time?
23 Aqua Teen Hunger Force What does Shake have sticking out of his head?
24 Toonami What kills Tom I?
25 Cartoon Planet Who does not belong?:
A) Space Ghost B) Moltar C) Zorak D) Brak
26 Rescue Heroes GRT What is the primary mission of the Rescue Heroes?
27 Powerpuff Girls Someone so evil that he can only be referred to as _____
28 Dudley Do Right Who does Dudley Do Right save? (one person in particular)
29 South Park Who is the FEMALE teacher of Kenny and Cartman?
30 Captain Planet What are the 5 powers that must combine to summon the mighty Captain Planet? (x-tra credit =+1pt for naming them in the correct order.) :-)
31 Smurfs' Adventures What creatures inhabit Creepy Deepy Swamp? (W_______)
32 Justice League Justice League features SEVERAL characters from what other show where the stars are friends of each other?
33 Bugs & Daffy Who is the hunter who wears a hat and calls Bugs a "wascally wabbit"?
34 Garfield & Friends True/False: Orson Pig frequently enjoys visits from his 3 big Brothers.
35 N/A Which of these shows does not have another show featuring the characters when they were younger?:
A) Flintstones B) Jetsons C) Tom & Jerry D) Scooby Doo
36 The Jetsons What is the name of Mr. Spaceley's rival?
37 Rocky & Bullwinkle Where in Minnesota do Rocky & Bullwinkle call home?
38 Underdog "There's no need to fear, _____________"
39 Blue's Clues What does not belong?:
A) Salt B) Pepper C) Sugar D) Paprika
40 Huckleberry Hound "Oh my darlin... Oh my darlin.... Oh my darlin ________"
41 Sabrina The Animated Series What is the name of the black cat? (is he the male version of Luna?) *ponders thought*
42 Digimon Who is the aggressive Digimon without a trainer?
43 Little Bill What famous actor is Little Bill named afer?
44 The Little Mermaid What is the name of the Little Mermaid?
45 Reboot When Bob reboots into a game who does he have to go up against?
46 Max Steel What does Max Steel do?
47 Sailor Moon Which Sailor Scout is associated with Thunder, Lightning, and Wood?
48 Goof Troop What animal does Goofy most resemble?
49 Mon Colle Knights True/False: During a battle the Mon Colle Knights can summon monsters from worlds other than the one they are currently in.
50 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Who are Master Shredder's two henchmen? (one has a horn and the other has a snout)
51 Yu-Gi-Oh When assembled, what monster is totally unbeatable? (Yugi assembled this monster to defeat Kaiba and his Blue Eyes white Dragons)
52 Cubix "Cubix, Robots for _________"
53 Pokémon Meowth is to Jessee and James as _________ is to Butch and Cassidy.
54 Sailor Moon Who tries to run away from their destiny of being a Sailor Soldier with all their might?
55 King of the Hill What is the name of the father?
56 Eek! The Cat What colour is Eek! The Cat?
57 Gumby What can Gumby change into?
58 Casper What kind of ghost is Casper?
59 Koko wa Greenwood What is Shun's nickname for Hasukawa?
60 Cowboy Bebop What is the name of the T.V. show featuring the Bounty Hunters?
61 Talespin True/False: This show features Chip & Dale who are Rescue Rangers.
62 Garfield & Friends Garfield's favourite activities include all of the following EXCEPT:
A) Kicking Odie off the table B) Chasing Mice C) Eating Lasagna D) Sleeping all day long
63 Wacky Racers Which Wacky Racer sounds amazingly similar to Gargamel (from Smurfs) and has a dog named Muttley?
64 Little Bear Little Bear has quite an i________.
65 Magic Knight Rayearth What is Mokona's role?
66 Ducktales Which duck enjoys piloting aircraft?
67 Cow & Chicken What colour is the hair on Cow's Mom?
68 SWAT Kats TRUE/FALSE: This show is not a romantic comedy.
69 Card Captor Sakura Which of the following is not a Clow Card?:
A) Sun B) Windy C) Loop D) Shadow
70 Sailor Moon Which Nega-Villain does Molly Baker fall in love with?
71 Yu-Gi-Oh Who helps Yugi weaken the Blue Eyes White Dragon in his duel against the imposter Kaiba by hacking into Pegasus's computer systems?
72 The Critic TRUE/FALSE: The Critic is a female.
73 Peanuts What is the name of the dog who lays atop of his doghouse?
74 Wedding Peach Name the 3 girls who transform into fighters of love. (x-tra credit=+1pt for naming each girl by name before and after transformation) :-) (x-tra credit=+1 for naming another angel in this series) :-)
75 Yami No Matsuei This anime tells of the ________, those who are dead but have the ability to move freely between the land of the living and the land of the dead. It is their job to investigate unnatural deaths.
76 Samurai Pizza Cats Where does this story take place? (setting)
77 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Where do the ninja turtles live with their Master Splinter?
78 Sakura Wars In what time frame is this anime set?:
A)1900-1950 B) 1950-2000 C) 2000-2050 D) 2050-2100 E) Far in the future (later than 2100)
79 The Simpsons Who is the only full grown adult to have never had sex in Springfield? (works at the Springfield Elementary School)
80 Josie & The Pussycats Josie & The Pussycats has a lot of similarities to this other Hanna-Barbera Cartoon which features The Mystery Machine.
81 Hello Kitty How can you tell Hello Kitty apart from her twin sister Mimi Kitty?
82 3 X 3 Eyes Whose father disappeared in Tibet while searching for a race of 3 eyed beings?
83 Inch High Private Eye How tall is Inch High Private Eye?
84 Sailor Moon What does Pegasus protect?
85 Pokémon Where is Ash Ketchum from?
86 Animaniacs What is the name of the Warners' sister?
87 Pinky & The Brain What kind of rats are Pinky and the Brain?
88 The Pink Panther What colour is the pink panther? (is this a trick question?)
89 Ed, Edd, N' Eddy What are the Ed's favourite candy?
90 Courage the Cowardly Dog What does Eustace do for a living?
91 Dexter's Lab Who is Dexter's greatest rival?
92 Jabberjaw TRUE/FALSE: Jabberjaw is a tuna-fish who plays in a band.
93 Patlabor What are the robots called who were created for construction purposes but soon were used for other purposes?
94 Please Save My Earth The seven main characters from this show all share a common dream of another life: a dream of the ____, each with a different identity
95 Magical Girl Pretty Sammy _________ transforms into Pretty Sammy.
96 Devil Hunter Yohko What two girls are identical?
97 ????????? This series features a super powered ant who saves the day.
98 N/A Define "hentai"
99 Dragon Ball Z Who is not a villain?:
A) Vegeta B) Cell C) Trunks D) Bulma

And For the final 100th Ultimate Smurf Question.........

What character frequently dies in South Park?

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