Q) Do you know what really REALLY pisses me off? A) People who are all religious and think they have everything figured out in life and think they have all the answers and know everything and only their precise beliefs can be correct and that everyone else is wrong and anyone who doesn't conform to their precise beliefs will shall we say 'burn in hell'.

Ya know what? There are many different religions out there, and many people who think that their religion is the right one and that all others are wrong. Everyone can't possibly be right, as the different religions contradict one another.

I don't claim to have the answers to all of lifes mysteries, for I do not, and anyone who claims to have the answers without proof is full of shit. Don't get me wrong, its ok to have 'faith' in something or to believe in something without proof, but to accept something as a fact without proof is to delude yourself. I think it is important to have an open mind and to make the best judgment based upon all available data.

I personally don't think we are alone in the universe, and I definitely believe that their are beings out there that are superiour to us humans in probably every way (mentally, physically, etc.). Compared to us they could be considered a 'God' or 'God-like' (demigod)

I don't believe in a specific religion. What I do is to live life the best that I can and to live by high moral standards. Basically, I treat others the way that I would want to be treated back myself. I have my own set of morals that I follow, not because a religion tells me to do so, but because it is what it feels is the right thing to do. These would include things such as not to murder, lie, cheat, steal, commit adultery, etc (sounds a bit like some of the 10 commandments of christianity and moral codes of other religions, eh? lol) No one is perfect, I understand that, and I am no exception to that. To do the best you can is all you can do, and if you do something bad, it is good to try to make things right if possible.

People are the way that they are for a reason. If someone is raised in an environment where they are constantly exposed to seeing others commit adultery, it is very likely that that person will grow up thinking that adultery is ok and frequently commit the act themselves. That person would (likely) not have been raised in a christian environment and so how is it their fault that they are the way that they are? If the christian god is real, what right would (s)he/it have to condemn that person to hell. If this god supposedly created us, it would be the god's fault for allowing the person to be raised in a manner that would make it seem ok for adultery, not the fault of the person. On this topic, Relating to Christianity in particular I have written an article a couple years ago I will post.

Another thing that I really HATE in a person is how they will say that they are a christian, and always be preaching to others on how great their religion is, and how they are right any anyone who contradicts them is wrong without any doubt of mind. Its like they are brainwashed zombies or something, and then get this, heres the kicker, here they are preaching about their 'wondrous' 10 commandments, and then they don't even follow their own commandments. I mean can we say HYPOCRITE here? SERIOUSLY, WTF? If you LOVE your religion so much, why don't you follow your commandments, ALL of them without exception. Oh I'm sorry, thats right, all you have to do is pray for forgiveness and everything will 'magically' be ok and as long as you do that you get to go to heaven and have fun for eternity. I AM SORRY, AND I DON'T MEAN TO OFFEND, BUT SERIOUSLY, DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE ALL THIS BS? TALK ABOUT LIVING IN A FAIRY TALE, SHEESH!!!

Hey, this is nothing compared to what I wrote in my article, wanna hate me some more? Go on and read it. You only hate me cuz you know I'm right, or *ahem* because I am contradicting the strict beliefs that you have accepted to be a fact with your CLOSED MIND!!!

-----------My Views on Religion, Christianity focused-----------

***Note, this article contains extreme opinions that are non-conformist viewpoints and to some readers may find it offensive. Not that I am intending to be offensive, I am just expressing my views and opinions on life and religion with Christianity at the focus.***

First off, let me say that I do not claim to have all the answers to life, for I do not. Secondly, let me say that I think all religions have their good points to them and their bad points to them.

Christianity, why are there so many different kinds of Christians? Can they not all agree on the same thing? They all seem to think they have all the answers to life, and yet they all say somewhat different things...

There is this oh powerful "God" who watches over each and every one of us and can know everything about everyone! Now first of all, if there is this "God" like creature, and I have no reason to suspect that their aren't more superior life forms to humans out there in the universe. But why would there just be one "God"? And what created this magical "God"? Did this God create itself? How?

Now we are all here in this reality, so it would seem. It has to be possible somehow, the proof is that we are here and can think and interact with one another, etc. Now how this to begin with seems to have no scientific answer, to which we have come up with anyhow... The fact that we are here at all seems magical and makes me wonder just what all really is possible. Who knows what the limits of possibility are? It makes me wonder.

Now say there is hypothetically, this magical "God" who watches over all of us and determines whether we go to heaven or hell. Now why would this "God" want to always be awake and listening to everyone and everything and constantly be determining judgments on people?

I think people turn to religion because they want to have something to believe in to give their life some sort of meaning or purpose to them. Religion offers people something to believe in and gives people a sense of self meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

People don't want to think that their life is completely meaningless in the grand scheme of things so they turn to religion, for without religion, one may determine life to be without meaning or point to it. Be a worker for "God", be his servant.

Something that Christianity doesn't answer (that I am aware of) is why this "God" would want us to be pawns in his little game of chess. Are we simply here for its amusement? Serve this all mighty all-powerful "God"! But why? Just because some book tells us that we should?

Now I don't have a problem with believing in things, but to blindly believe in something that really doesn't seem correct, I just can't do that.

So tell me, people can sin their whole lives and then they can be saved by asking for forgiveness and suddenly everything is just peachy keen and you can go to heaven? What a load of hoo-ha in my opinion. And what about non-human beings? What about cows and pigs and superior life forms to humans in other galaxies who have never heard of Christianity? Does the bible not say that only those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ can be saved and be entered into heaven? How can this God condemn those to go to hell that know not of Christianity? That doesn't seem fair now does it? I thought this Christian God was supposed to be a fair God, or am I mistaken in this?

Another reason people like Christianity is because they like the thought of going to this magical "heaven" after they die. ooo I'll be a Christian and believe in this heaven and hell thing and when I die I will magically end up in this so called heaven. Please. Now another thing, if there is this so-called "heaven", wouldn't heaven be different things to different people? There are a lot of people in the world and I'd be willing to bet each one of them has a different idea as to what "heaven" would be to them. Is there more than one heaven? One for each person? Do all these ideas of what heaven is somehow magically merge into one heaven somehow? Honestly, this heaven and hell concept seems as real to me as a fantasy fairy tale.

Now don't get me wrong, Christianity has its good points to it. There are some really good stories in the bible upon which one can ponder and relate some good principles to their own life. There are many good ideals in the bible. Do unto others as you would want them to treat you. Have love and compassion for other people, among others. Many of the 10 commandments (4-10) are good codes of conduct to live by.

Now if this "God" created me, how can it blame me for being myself? The way I was created? If I don't accept this "God" as my savior, then maybe that is because of the way that I was made, the way this so-called "God" created me. How is it fair that I should be punished for being the way that "God" made me?

The bottom line is that people want something to believe in, to feel that their life is not in vain, to feel that they are special and to have a sense of purpose and that they can be rewarded for leading a life in the right way. Christianity offers exactly that.

Now I understand that people want this sense of purpose and fulfillment so badly in their lives that they will blindly believe in this religion. It is only human to do such a thing. And only those who want to see things how they really are, will know that Christianity, nor ANY religion is the correct path to be on.

Its all about wanting something to believe in badly enough...

Sure, I'd like to think my life has some kind of meaning and purpose to it, but I just cannot allow myself to blindy have faith in something that really, just does not seem correct. That is my view on religion and life and I am sharing it with you and you can think whatever you want of what I have said. It is a free country after all.