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Here is a Smurfy story about the Senshi turning into Smurfs! (Oh my Smurf!)

The Adventures of the Sailor Smurfs
by Smurfy Sailor

Chapter 1: Meet The Sailor Smurfs!

One day Serena/Usagi and the others were trying to transform into Sailor Scouts, as the evil Nega-Transformer was threatening to do some really bad stuff. As the senshi begin their transformation, the evil Nega-Transformer casts a transformation spell on the senshi, and instead of transforming into the sailor scouts, they get transformed into sailor smurfs!

"What has happened to us?" yells Sailor Jupiter Smurf as she realizes that she is blue and the world now appears much bigger.

As for Sailor Moon Smurf, well.... although very kawaii as a meatball headed smurf, she was less than thrilled at being smaller than a mouse and having a puffy blue tail on her rear end.

The sailor smurfs quickly turn their attention to the (much huger appearing) Nega-Transformer as he laughs at the sailor smurfs as he says "Smurfous me, what have I smurfed? Oh, I don't even need my special powers, all I've got to do now is step on you, and once I do, breakfast shall be served. Today's special: Smurf Pancakes. Hahahahahahaha!"

Sailor Jupiter Smurf is now really angry, and as small as she now is, tries to attack her enemy. "Jupiter Thunder Cloud Smurf" as her attack, which has shrunk accordingly with herself successfully obliterates a nearby blade of grass.

Will the Sailor Smurfs somehow find a way to defeat this Nega-Monster, as small as they are? Where ever could Tuxedo Mask be? Could this be the end of our heroines and our world? Find out what happens next in Chapter 2!

To be continued.....

Chapter 2: Life as a Sailor Smurf

"Hahahahaha, you see it's really no use trying to use your powers against me, as your powers are now about the same size as you!" says the evil Nega-Transformer as he runs after the sailor smurfs.

"You'd might as well just surrender as there is nothing you can do to defeat me, little smurfs."

"We'll just see about that, Nega-Sleeze." says Sailor Mars Smurf. "Don't you know that good always triumphs over evil, and you are bad to the bone."

The Nega-Transformer is running towards the little sailor smurfs and is now almost within squishing distance.

"Perhaps we've finally met our match. What is there that we can possibly do to stop him?" says Sailor Mini Moon Smurf.

"Whatever happened to Tuxedo Mask? Doesn't he usually come and rescue us?" asks Sailor Moon Smurf.

Meanwhile at the Crown Ice Cream Parlour......

"Oh, Darien. Won't you make love with me again? You're not still thinking about that silly twit Serena, are you? Don't you know that the two of us were meant to be together?" says Elizabeth.

"Don't you understand that I'm supposed to marry Serena? It's my destiny. If I stay with you and cease to be with Serena, Rini will cease to exist, and if that happens.....the past will also cease to exist as it was, for Rini, from the future has had a great effect on us in the past. Do you have any idea what would happen if this were to occur?" says Darien to Elizabeth.

"Well, who am I to interfere with destiny? Tell me, do you really like having your life already written out for you? Do you honestly enjoy waking up each day and thinking about what you have to do to complete your destiny? Wouldn't you rather wake up and think about what you would like to do, pursue your own dreams rather than follow a destiny already laid out for you?" says Elizabeth to Darien.

"Oh Elizabeth, you are so right. How do you know me so well?" asks Darien.

"When two people are truly, madly, deeply in love with each other, they are usually in tune with each other and can sense the feelings of the other, and can know exactly what to do to comfort the other...." says Elizabeth.

"Then you must realize just how....." Darien says before Elizabeth finishes the sentance for him. "How much you are in love with me"

The ice cream parlour has long been closed and Darien.......and Elizabeth connect to one another as they never have before.......

Meanwhile......The Sailor Scout Smurfs have decided to join together and teleport to a safer location....

"Sailor Planet Teleportation...Smurf" the sailor smurfs say as they are transported to a woods not far from a Great Oak Tree.

"Well, at least we have gotten away from that nasty Nega-Creep." says Sailor Venus Smurf.

"That's what you think! Azrael, get them. Mega Creep, huh? I'll show you who's a mega creep you filthy blue wretches." says Gargamel as he pursues the smurfy sailor scouts.

Will the Sailor Scouts be turned into gold by the evil wizard Gargamel? Or will he perhaps, instead decide to have Sailor smurf Stew? Or will the scouts manage to find a way to smurf the smurf out of Gargamel and his mean old cat Azrael? Will Tuxedo Mask betray the Sailor Scouts and allow this crazy villain to defeat the Sailor smurfs and possibly rule over the world, or maybe even the entire universe? Be sure to find out as this exciting adventure continues in chapter 3!

To be continued.....

Chapter 3:What's Smurfing On Here?

"Who does this creep think he is?" asks Sailor Uranus Smurf while running from Gargamel and his cat Azrael.

Gargamel manages to grab ahold of Sailor Neptune Smurf...

Gargamel wickedly laughs at his feat of getting a hold of Sailor Neptune Smurf. "Mwuhahahahahaha! Now I've got you, my pretty. Wait a minute! You're not Smurfette. Or Sasset? I thought there were only two female smurfs. Who are you? And why are you dressed like a sailor?

"I am Sailor Neptune, and behalf of Neptune, I shall make you pay for your wrongs."

"You? Punish me? That's a good one. Say that when I'm eating you for supper my small little smurf." says Gargamel to Sailor Neptune Smurf.

"Little, huh. Well, I have size where it matters, and that is in my heart, and on behalf of Neptune, consider yourself punished." says Sailor Neptune Smurf.

A Note From The Author

You may not reproduce any of the material in my story in any way without explicit permission from the author. (That would be me, Smurfysailor.)

A special thanks to the creator of the Sailor Moon series, Naoko Takeuchi, who has created in my opinion, the most incredible, ingenious, and wonderful series in the whole universe, Sailor Moon.

A special thanks also to the creator of The Smurfs, otherwise known as Peyo, who has smurfed this world a smurfier place to smurf with The Smurfs.

And of course special thanks to everyone else who has played a role in the making of these two fantastic series.

Thanks also to for encouraging me to make a Sailor Moon website in the first place, for which not, this story very well may never have been smurfed at all.

It's Smurfy Sailor not Sailor Smurf, please do not confuse me as being a Smurf as I am not a Smurf.

Though I am not personally a Smurf, I consider myself to be fluent in the Smurf language. If anyone needs something smurfed so that they can better understand the meaning behind smurf, please smurf me an email at and I will smurf my best to smurf it so that it is to your smurfing. Feedback on the story and this website are also greatly appreciated.

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