Clefairy Stories

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Hello, you may know me from as Clefairy. (once known as smurfysailor...) What is to come forth here has come from actual posts made by yours truly at as I write of experiences had in raising and training pokémon. (Why would I want to comment on my own posts?) Join me now as I tell of experiences had in the mystical world of pokémon...

Chapter 1: We All Live in a Pokémon World.

The Beginning.....

After I changed my name from Smurfysailor to Clefairy at is when the exciting Clefairy adventures started to happen...

I am awake, very awake. Maybe I'll go listen to a Jigglypuff soundtrack to go to sleep. Yum yum, can't wait till breakfast!
Before I had Jigglypuff I was still inspired by its unique vocal talents...

Well, I'm awake once again. Actually, have been awake for a few hours. Already ate breakfast/lunch. Yum Yum!
Did I actually write that? What did I have for breakfast that day? ( thinks...)

I'm Still Awake! Did anyone watch pokémon today? Today they had the diglett and also was the episode where team rocket's pokémon evolved!
When you have pokémon, they can help to bring more meaning to your life...

Chapter 2: A New Found Friend...

Would you like to know how Jigglypuff came into Clefairy's life?
Goodnight... (wanders into a cave and finds Jigglypuff.) Clefairy! Clefairy! (jiggypuff comes out of the cave...) ( Jigglypuff starts singing...) Jigg-gl-y-puff jigg-l-y. (accompanying Jigglypuff) Clefairy! Clefairy! Clefairy! Jigglypuff! jigg-gl-ly-puff! Jigglypuff! (removes super effective earplugs) Clefairy! Clefairy! (jigglypuff smiles and wanders back into the cave)
(Remembers what a wonderful day that was.... :*-) Love at first sight...)

Would your worst nightmare be to meet pokémon in the digital world? Sorry if I'm scaring you.
What do you think would happen if the pokémon world and the digital world combined into one? Food for thought.... (munches on a pokéberry...)

Hey I am awake once again! Where did Jigglypuff wander off too....(looks around) I guess Jigglypuff got tired from all that singing.....
Hey, even Jigglypuff has to sleep sometimes...

Have you tried eating pokémon cereal for breakfast?
Why would anyone even think thoughts about eating pokémon for breakfast? (-guilty- Yes, I have tried it and thought it to be Kellogg's version of Lucky Charms...)

Would you like your Jigglypuff to get together with mine and sing a really jiggly duet?
How is it that Jigglypuff manages to stay awake while other pokémon fall asleep when they are subjected to Jigglypuff's song?

Do you think that Kero from Cardcaptors resembles Pikachu somewhat? (please don't bite my finger Kero) Do you think Sakura would make a good Sailor Scout?
Clefairy, hey that's me... I wrote that post. I think Card Captor Sakura is really cool.

Do you think that Jessee and James of Team Rocket make a good couple?
I have some really wonderful friends at ;-) Does anyone want to join the club for those who think that Misty & Ash from Pokémon make the perfect couple? (if you haven't already, that is...)

Does anyone here ever get digi with it? Has anyone here ever had a dream where they saw a pokémon in the digital world of Digimon?
I think Sailor Moon is the best. I think Card Captor Sakura is really cool, and I also like pokémon, oh and the smurfs are just so smurfy....
This one seems kind of self explanatory to me...

Doesn't Mimi on Digimon remind you of Rini from Sailor Moon? What do you think would happen if a Digimon got stuck inside a pokéball?
Hey, I'm not saying that I think she looks like Rini, I'm saying that she reminds me somewhat of her.... (Digimon's version of Rini.) I think Rini is much more beautiful.

Meowth can talk and "Meowth that's right." Don't you think that they might be able to find a way to communicate with each other? What would happen if Digimon came to the pokéworld?
Is anyone getting premonitions of what's coming up ahead?

Chapter 3: A New Year With New Wonders...

Let's begin the new year off right....
Hey everybody! I'm Baack! I missed you while i was on vacation. Do you still remember me? Do you think that Jessie and James from Team Rocket also make a perfect couple?
My return to

Have you ever listened to Misty's song on the pokémon 2.B.A. Master CD where she sings her feelings for Ash?
What a song.... :-)

(looks over to jigglypuff who has sung herself to sleep) Have you ever tried listening to Jigglypuff's song? If you ever want to go to sleep, but can't, try listening to Jigglypuff's song. (is at my website) (looks over at Jigglypuff who is still sleeping) Good thing Jigglypuff is still asleep, as I've got a bit yet to do tonight. Later.
Is anyone here wanting to sleep?

Do you think that Misty and Ash make the perfect couple? Wow! what time is it? Aiyee! Now where did Jigglypuff wander off to? I've got things to do this morning, after sleep that is.... (calls out to Jigglypuff) (Jigglypuff looks up from her bowl of pokéberries) Goodnight.........
If only Jigglypuff had someone that could put her to sleep....

Hey do you like pikachu? Don't you think that pikachu is just so cool? Hey a poké-name! Cool. Wanna be my friend? Hope you don't mind if I add you to my friends list. Don't you think that Ash's neck would get sore after a while having pikachu on his head for such long periods of time? Would you like a Poliwhirl plushie? (hands @@@@@ a Poliwhirl plushie.) Don't you like how it can swim and talk at the same time?
Dreams of having a Pikachu... If you were a Poliwhirl & you got a Poliwhirl plushie, what would you think? If you caught every kind of pokémon, where would you keep them all, and I don't think that they would be able to each recieve the individual attention a pokémon requires from their trainer.... *Food for thought...*

Don't they just go so well together? (looks over to Jigglypuff and Poliwhirl who are watching me type this post.) Poliwhirl has something to say.: "Poliwhirl Poli Poli Whirl Poliwhirl." Oh wait, Jigglypuff has something to add to that.: "Jiggly Jigglypuff pu pu puff Jiggly Jigglypuff." It has an off switch in the same place as the Jigglypuff one in case you wanted to know.
When you have pokémon, you might start to acquire some of their characteristics and personalities and vice versa... (e.g. star talking like your pokémon... Pi Pika Pikachu...)

(looks over to Jigglypuff who looks hyptnotized by her new friend Poliwhirl's spiral belly).... Jigglypuff may be able to sing people and other pokémon to sleep but Poliwhirl also has his ways of well, how should i put it?... (looks over to Jigglypuff who appears to still be in a daze just staring at Poliwhirl's spiral belly) I think they make a good couple for each other too.
Jigglypuff has her charms and Poliwhirl has his. We are all unique and special in our own ways.... A thing I like to call individuality....

Don't you think that pokémon can make really great friends? (looks over at Jigglypuff and Poliwhirl and thinks: What a cute couple)
People are animals, pokémon are animals. If people are friends with people, then why not people friends with pokémon? Oh, wait they are... Choose your friends for what is within them that you like or love about them... (not organs or intestines...) Hell, even be friends with your teddy bear, or even your mashed potatoes if you want... ^_*

"...Oh why should anything so easy ever be so hard to do?...I wanna tell you how I feel and to say that....I Love you." Don't you just love Misty's song? Today was a really exciting episode of pokémon featuring Clefairy and Jigglypuff! Yay! And Jigglypuff sang her song! :) Do you like Jigglypuff? (looks over to Jigglypuff who is eating a bowl of berries with her new love Poliwhirl) Oh, and then later on there was an episode featuring Mr. Mime. **Thought for the day*§What would you call a female Mr. Mime?§**
No comment at this time...

Do you think that I should try to get my Jigglypuff to evolve into a Wigglytuff?
"It's all about the evolution of the pokémon" they say. But are there not advantages to not evolving your pokémon as well?

(looks over at Jigglypuff who is now playing poker with Poliwhirl) (thinks: what a cute couple)
Is it a bad thing to let your pokémon gamble? I guess no worse than humans gambling. Though don't we all take gambles in life? (not just cash ones...)

(looks over to Jigglypuff and Poliwhirl who are already asleep from playing with their plushies) No need to wake Jigglypuff....Goodnight everyone....(starts playing with Jigglypuff plushie...)
Wow! Plushies that make you go to sleep when you play with them....