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Oh, what smurfy fun!

Dance Dance Revolution MIDI & SM Simfiles Palace!
This is no joke! Listen to MIDI files from Dance Dance Revolution Solo Bass 2000, 2nd mix, 3rd mix, 4th mix, 5th mix, DDR MAX, DDR MAX2, DDR EXTREME, DDR SUPERNOVA, Disney's Rave & In The Groove MIDIS!!! My inspiration for creating this wonderous site was the fact that I couldn't find a site like I have now with a large quantity of Dance Dance Revolution MIDIs. I was able to use a song list I found to help me in my quest to find as many DDR MIDI files as possible and put them all together for everyone to enjoy in one big hit!

And behold my greatest musical gift to you yet. All 12 of my Stepmania Simfiles are sure to please all ages and skill levels dance on your PC with my files or even hit up the local In The Groove 2 Arcade machine with my fully tested files!!! SMURFTASTIC!!!

Game Center Crown
Yes, what site would be smurfy without games?
I have personally created some of my own games for you to enjoy featuring:
Smurfy Sailor's Sailor Moon Eye Match Game, Smurfy Faerie Slots, Smurfy Sailor's Smurfy Memory Match Game, Smurfy Sailor's Smurf Berry Bash, Smurfy Sailor's Magical Cards, Smurfy Sailor's Super Dee Dooper Easy Test, Smurfy Sailor's Smurf Quiz, The Ultimate Smurf Test, The Sequel to The Ultimate Smurf Test, Smurf Smurf Revolution, & ULTIMATE DIFFICULTY LEVEL Challenging Mode Trivia AKA The Revenge of Smurf Smurf Revolution. If you should be able to tame the beast the rewards are absolutely wonderous! :-)
Also included in the collection are 2 Extreme Sailor Moon Trivias and also is the Extreme Dance Dance Revolution Trivia page where you can instantly know the answers!
Other games featured I have links to include Sailor Moon and also Smurf Games!

Smurfy Web Polls
Do you like questions? Then what are you waiting for? Why aren't you clicking this link to answer some web poll questions and then see how your vote compares to those of other visitors? Don't you just love web polls? Select which poll you want to take by selecting it from the poll on the poll page. Click to see what the smurf I am talking about! So sad html gear closed down and we lost all of our web poll data and have to start over new with a new service. So sorry this happened but it was out of my control, but let's make the best of things and vote away anyway and make some new data! :-)

Mimete Smurf's Request Page
Mimete Smurf is now taking Requests!
Just because she has been Smurfed into a Smurf doesn't mean she can't still be bad. There are some interesting musical selections for you to request, so it might be worth your while to check it out.

Smurfy Awards
Do you like awards? Click on this link for more on awards that you can win from me and also to view awards that I have won and also for a list of the current recipients of some of these smurfy awards that have been won from me. There are many awards that you may be able to qualify for! Some are super easy to get while others are mind blowing hard! Some awards are instant awards which mean that when you qualify for the award you get it right then and right there without having to wait for me to email it to you. :-D

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