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$20 US cash & Smurfy Sailor's Autograph (only 1 currently in existance to date)!!!

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question number show question is from question
1 The Legend of  Tarzan What is the name of Tarzan's wife?
2 Buzz Lightyear  Which actor from MAD TV has her voice on this show?
3 Clifford Clifford is a big red _____.
4 Beetlejuice Lydia must say "Beetlejuice" ____ times to summon him from the Netherworld.
5 Static Shock True/False:  Johnny Bravo has made special guest appearances on this show 3 times!
6 Cowboy Bebop Jet's arm is the way it is now because _______ shot him in the arm.
7 Hey Arnold What's Arnold's grandma's real name?
8 Sailor Moon What is Galaxia's star seed?
9 Baby Blues True/False:  Baby Bop is the name of the baby.
10 Sealab 2021 Who has a robot body?
11 The Addams Family What is the hand called?
12 Generation O True/False:  This show did not get many ratings from viewers from Generation X
13 Powerpuff Girls Who created the Powerpuff Girls using Sugar, Spice, everything nice, and Chemical X?
14 Yu-Gi-Oh What kind of puzzle does Yugi have?
15 Cowboy Bebop What is the name of the dog?
16 Smurfs' Adventures Which smurf is a robot/machine?
17 Ed, Edd, 'N Eddy What is the name of the piece of wood that Johnny has?
18 Sheep in the Big City What is the name of the farmer who raised sheep?
A) Farmer Jack   B) Farmer John  C) Farmer Wilson  D) Farmer Ellie
19 Scooby Doo Who enjoys eating about as much as Scooby does?
20 Tenchi In Tokyo Name the cabbit owned by Sasami?
21 Digimon Who does Renamon belong to?
22 Mike, Lu, & Og True/False:  This island has a population of approximately 253 people and 202 pets
23 What A Cartoon Show True/False:  The Powerpuff Girls made their debut by starting out on this show, home to original series cartoons.
24 O Canada True/False:  This show features shows such as Outlaw Star, Cowboy Bebop, and Neon Genesis Evangelion.
25 Late Nite Black & White What is Elmer Fudd known as back in the earlier cartoons?
26 Heathcliff What colour is Heathcliff?
A) Black  B) White)  C) Orange  D) Brown
27 South Park Who protests the South Park Flag?
28 Recess True/False:  One of the main settings for this show is the playground.
29 Static Shock What kind of super powers does Static have?
30 Aqua Teen Hunger Force Whose pool do Frylock and Shake enjoy swimming in?
31 Dragonball Who disguises himself as the legendary Jackie Chun in the championship tournament?
32 Dragonball Z What is the name of the magician who possessed Spokovich and made him much more powerful in his battle against Videll?
33 Tenchi Universe Most of the titles of the episodes in this series begin with what three words?
34 Batman Beyond What city in New York does this series take place in?
35 Harlem Globetrotters What sport do the Harlem Globetrotters play?
36 Zoids What are Zoids?
37 Space Ghost Describe Space Ghost's Personality
38 Sabrina: The Animated Series What makes Sabrina different from most human girls?
39 The Simpsons Where did the Simpsons get their dog, Santa's Little Helper?
40 Garfield & Friends What is Jon Arbuckle's occupation?
41 Bobby's World Bobby has a big  i_________
42 Alienators Evolution True False:  The green alien is known as Slimer
43 Life With  Louie The star who this show is based on is the host of what game show?
44 Pokémon Why did James from Team Rocket run away from the rich life?
45 Space Ghost: Coast to Coast What is the name of Moltar's wife?
46 Record of Lodoss War What is the name of the elf?
47 101 Dalmations What is the name of the cruel lady who wants to steal the dogs?
48 Timon & Pumbaa What does hakuna matata mean?
49 Talespin What is the name of Baloo's sidekick?
50 Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers What kind of animals are the rescue rangers?
51 Quack Pack What age are Scrooge McDuck's nephews?  A) between 0 and 9 years old  B)  between 10 and 19 years old  C) between 20 and 29 years old  D) between 30 and 39 years old  E) between 40 and 49 years old  E)  They are almost as old as Scrooge himself.
52 Gummi Bears What do the Gummi Bears drink to get out of trouble?
53 Gargoyles What are the gargoyles made of by day?
54 Darkwing Duck What is Darkwing Duck's secret identity?
55 Care Bears What kingdom do the Care Bears live in?
56 The Weekenders What is the quest of the weekenders?
57 Mickey Mouse What is the title of the first episode featuring Mickey Mouse?
58 The Angry Beavers name the 2 main beavers.
59 CatDog What is special about catdog?
60 Doug What is the name of the bully that pushes Doug around?
61 ?????? What happens when cartoons and comics collide?
62 Oh Yeah Cartoons! & ???????? Oh Yeah Cartoons is to Nickelodeon as __________ is to Cartoon Network.
63 AAAHH!!! Real Monsters Who has a bad temper?
64 The Ren & Stimpy Show What kind of dog is Ren?
65 Rocket Power Where in California do Otto, Reggie, Twister, and Sam live?
66 Rocko's Modern Life Who is Rocko's best friend?
67 Rugrats What is the Rugrat's secret weapon?
68 Wild Thornberrys Describe this show.  :-)
69 Little Bear Whose personality does Little Bear's most resemble?  A) Homer Simpson  B) Garfield  C) Wacko Warner  D) Cinderella  E) Wile E. Coyote  F) Ned Flanders  G) Roger Ramjet  H) Serena Tsukino  I) Professor Utonium  J) Captain Planet  K)Keroberos  L) Private Public  M) Bobby  N) Goofy  O) Yogi Bear  P) Boo Boo Q) Brak  R) Barney Rubble   S) Ash Ketchum  T) Krillin  U)  Bonkers V) Artemis  W) Magilla Gorilla  X) Clefairy Mon  Y) Takato  Z)  The Red M&M
70 Bob The Builder Bob and his friendly machinery get along well through _______  (8 letters)
71 Franklin How old is Franklin?
72 Maggie & the Ferocious Beast What are Maggie's 2 favourite toys?
73 Maisy Maisy is curious like a ____  (however she is not one of these)  She is also naïve.
74 Dora the Explorer What language (besides English) is included in this show?
75 Oswald What city does Oswald live in?
76 Freakazoid! What happened to make Freakazoid?
77 Funky Phantom What makes the Funky Phantom funky?
78 The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest What is Race Bannon's real name?  (Toonami)
79 Yu Yu Hakusho How does Yu Yu get killed to begin with?  (be specific please...also state what he is doing at the time of death)
80 Pilot Candidate How many Goddesses are there?
81 Gundam 0083 Who steals the 2nd Gundam?  (who are their enemies)
82 Small World True False:  This show consists of several shows from around the world.
83 Galaxy Trio Name the 3 members of the Galaxy Trio and list their super powers.
84 N/A What is a Japanese comic book called?
85 Quickdraw McGraw What is Quickdraw's alter ego?
86 ????????? This Hanna-Barbera Cartoon has the same # of letters as "Smurfs" and also starts with the letter "s".
87 The Fantastic Four What does not belong?:  A)  Locar  B) Doctor Doom  C)  Galactus  D) Terax
88 Shazzan What is Kaboobie?
89 N/A How would you react if someone were to call you a "baka"?
90 Moby Dick Who does not belong?:  A) Captain Richard  B) Jim   C) Scooby  D)Tom  E) Tub
91 Pirates of Dark Water At the end of the series does Octopon regain its glory?
92 Centurions Name thebrainy, independent female character who took lead
93 Thundarr The Barbarian What significant event takes place in 1994?
94 ?????????? This series is about a group of soldiers who battle the evil General Plague and his goons, who are trying to destroy the planet. 
95 Gatekeepers Who has the "gate of strong wind"?  (the 2nd gatekeeper found in Japan)
96 The Flintstones Who does Fred work for?
97 Futurama The creator of this show also created what other show?
98 Sylvester & Tweety What is Tweety famous for saying?  What is Sylvester famous for saying?
99 Love Hina Why does Urashima Keitarou feel the need to attend Toudai,  Tokyo University?

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#100:  Why would I make you write an essay for the final question?  (actually I intend for you to answer this question plus write an essay)
Here is what you need to write:
Write a story that has to do with anime (minimum of 500 words)  :-)
If you choose to not do the essay 10 points will automatically be taken off your final score out of the 100.  Which would make the highest score possible a 90 out of 100.

Here is the grading scale to see what rank award you will recieve for what score you obtain:

100% = AAA
95%-100% = AA
90%-94% = A
83%-89% = B
76%-82% = C
70%-75% = D
score < 70% = FAIL

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