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Would you be smurfed to smurf some smurfy smurfing?

Sailor Smurfs' Adventures
A Sailor Moon story where the senshi are turned into Smurfs! Will they find a way to defeat the evil Nega-Villain responsible for turning them into Smurfs and be able to turn back into humans? Actually, I don't know myself as I haven't finished the story yet. There are pictures to go along with the reading including pictures of the Sailor Senshi as Smurfs!

The Life Story of Clefairy
Question: How is Smurfy Sailor able to have an alter ego that of a Clefairy?
Answer: By Making Fantasy A Reality in many many ways and forms.
Would you care to endulge yourself in this mysterious fantasy of mine where I am Clefairy and have many adventures in the Pokémon World and share these adventures of mine with other individuals at a forum that no longer exists. This exciting fantasy has gone on for over a year. There are many pictures to view while reading this life story of mine to entertain you. There are 17 pages in this saga which is now complete.

Clefairy & Pokémon Profiles
Once you have read The Life Story of Clefairy you might enjoy to learn more about Clefairy and also his Pokémon and also of his true love.

Clefairy's Mojo Jojo Rant
Has Clefairy lost his mind? Or did he never have one to begin with? See what you think of this insanity that became of Clefairy after hitting his head just a little to hard.....

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